Difference between Virologist and Epidemiologist


Virologists are the professionals who study about the characteristics of viruses and find out various methods to control them. They come under the category of Microbiologists who concentrates on the study of microscopic organisms. They closely watch the viruses using various laboratory equipments and understand their behavior. They perform certain research activities to find out the impact of viruses in life forms. Based on their research, they will take measures to control the growth of viruses. The profession of Epidemiologist is slightly different from Virologist as they concern about the entire factors that cause diseases and disabilities. Their activities are not confined to the study of viruses, but include the research on different types of epidemics that affect the people. They concentrate on all the factors which influence various types of diseases.

Virologist and opportunities

Virologists can find lucrative career opportunities in the field of agriculture and medicine. They can also seek various career avenues in pharmaceutical industry. Research laboratories also offer opportunities to Virologist. Drug manufacturing firms also hire the service of Virologists to manufacture various drugs. These drugs are used for preventing the growth of viruses.

Epidemiologist and opportunities

Epidemiologists can specialize in a specific area and seek employment in the fields related to that area. They can work as Research epidemiologists and find solutions to control various infectious diseases. Research and development firms offer various kinds of career opportunities for these epidemiologists. Clinical epidemiologist is other kind of epidemiologist whose job is to inform the concerned staffs in the hospital about the seriousness of the infectious outbreak. Thus they perform the role of a consultant in various hospitals. It is important that the aspirants of this field have a keen inclination and also aptitude to research.

Key difference between Virologist and Epidemiologist

  • Virologists research on the behavior of viruses while epidemiologists study about the epidemics that affect the people.
  • Virologists need Ph.D in Virology where as Epidemiologists should possess Ph.D degree in Epidemiology

Virologists mainly concentrate on research activities. It is not in the case of epidemiologists. Even though they perform research activities, their main responsibility is to spread awareness about the infectious outbreak.



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