Does integrated B.Tech and M.Tech program benefits the people?


B.Tech alone is quite a beneficial degree. It is quite obvious considering this fact that going for M.Tech after a B.Tech degree would definitely be fruitful. Integrated B.Tech and M.Tech is therefore definitely beneficial. B.Tech or Bachelor of Technology, is an undergraduate 4 year/8 semester program offerred by various private and government educational institutions in disciplines such as Computer Science and Engineering, Applied Electronics & Instrumentation, Electronics Engineering, Electrical engineering, Information Technology, Automobile engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Chemical engineering etc.

After completing B.Tech, students can add to their educational qualification and improve their skills by going for a Master’s degree. The Master of Technology or Master of Engineering is a post graduate program for 2 years. M.Tech is a more research oriented course requiring the students to study their B.Tech disciplines in more detail, thereby improving their knowledge and skills in the various technical aspects of the discipline they chose. M.Tech can be pursued only for a particular discipline which is same or related to that which the candidates chose to do a B.Tech in.

A Bachelor’s degree holder has good demand in many firms, but most of the firms require them to be experienced. An M.Tech holder on the other hand, gets more reputation for his achievement and will be duly considered with great preference by many firms. If you want to get a job as soon as possible, integrated B.Tech/M.Tech is the best best. You can opt to take an integrated B.Tech/M.Tech course and achieve a dual degree. The main advantage is that you don’t have to spend 6 years studying both courses separately. The integrated B.Tech/M.Tech dual degree program is of 5 years duration and it is almost same till the third year.

You have to find the best institute which offers such a program in a discipline you prefer first. The overall program expenses would be lower in an integrated B.Tech/M.Tech dual degree course. Separately taking the degrees means one more extra year in duration and more fees. Getting a job for an integrated dual degree holder is as easy as it is for a separate post graduate degree holder, if you have the skills and if you are good at what you have learned from the course. You would be offered a good package as well.

But this option is recommended only if the institute which offers the program is reputed. Otherwise you will have to go for the programs separately. The benefit is that after 5 years, you will be specialized in a specific field of study, just as same as an M.Tech graduate. In terms of Market value, integrated dual degree is almost the same as getting separate degrees. Five years of dedicated and determined study in Integrated B.Tech/M.Tech program can get you a great job with a big payroll, hence giving you a safe and secure future. So, integrated B.Tech/ M.Tech course is very much beneficial.



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    sir,is it good to do integrated course??is there demand for it?is there any problem when we go for an interview

  2. 9

    m doin doin Integrated Mtech in biotech which is a 5 yr course..m in 4th year..i want to knw what should i do after my what competitive exams should i give ICSR NET or GATE or something else? what specialized field has a huge amount of money so that i can do a diploma in dat field?? pls do reply

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    sir em a final yr student ,i wrote gate but it seems 2 b not working .can i do M.TECH BY WRITING pgecet xam ?
    during counselling wheather der r gud colleges through PGECET…pls help me.:)

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    Which is valuable-doing B.Tech & M.Tech separately or integrated five years course in M.Tech.?

    I believe doing two years regular M.Tech separately after completing B.Tech would have some edge over the integrated one. Kindly clarify as to which is the best one.



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    which one is best among Electronics and communication engineering Integrated 5 yrs dual degree programme and doing and seperately in university please reply me soon within a few hours its very urgent.Is it possible to get good job opportunities after doing 5yrs integrated course?

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    which one is best among Electronics and communication engineering Integrated 5 yrs dual degree programme and doing and seperately in university please reply me soon within a few hours its very urgent.

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    Subhra Mishra:

    is doing dual degree(5-yr)in electronic & intrumentation more beneficial than doing B Tech & M Tech separately in the same branch?or it is better to do B Tech in Electronc & instrumentation branch followed by doing MBA?is doing MBA even ater doing M Tech has greater career options?please,answer it as quick as possible becaue i need it very very urgently..

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    amit kumar:

    rank wise name of institutes who are offering these cources.
    is this degree is benificial for us, and how much valuable this course in carporate world? we can apply for govt. services or not, is this course is approved by aicte or not….etc.

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    i wud like to know wether it is ueful to do an integrated course of btech-mba biotech.Does this degree have value in corporate world.

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    maks patel:

    give me d name of colleges which offered the distance ME/M.TECH program?