Electronics and Communication Engineer – How to become an Electronics and Communication Engineer?


Electronics and Communication engineering is an engineering specialization which involves the study of methods or technologies to design the electronic gadgets, circuits and systems using the non-linear and active electrical components. An expert working in this field is called electronics and communication engineer. Their main responsibility is to design the electronics devices that drive the transmitter and receiver jobs of any systems carrying communications.

The systems which convey the messages may be either wireless or wired communications. These professionals develop the electronic circuitries which alter an internet or voice message into signals and transport them via the proper communication channel. The electronics and communication engineer can find employment in different areas such as satellite communications, computer networking, radio, digital TV or Internet technology.

Qualifying Exam

Students need at least a bachelor’s degree in electronics and communication engineering or related discipline to enter in this field. Almost every university in the country offer electronics and communication engineering study from bachelor’s degree to doctorate levels. Some of the employers require applicants with master’s degree in this specialization. If the candidates are experienced also, then they can achieve higher positions in this electronics and communication field. An experienced candidate can receive better payment packages compared to the entry level employees.

Who is eligible to apply?

Students who have successfully finished their senior secondary education or equivalent with PCBM or PCM and passed the concerned examination of a recognized board can apply for the bachelor’s degree programme. After pursuing the undergraduate degree in electronics and communication engineering or related study, they can apply either for the concerned jobs or for the advanced studies. However obtaining higher graduation will help them to pursue a lucrative job in this field.

Key points in the process

  • Study 12th or equivalent with Mathematics in a reputed institution and pursue a pass in the related examination.
  • Join for the bachelor’s degree programme in electronics and communication engineering or related branch of study in a recognized university and pursue it.
  • Search out for the job as electronics and communication engineer and apply for it or pursue the post graduation in the same field.

Skills required for an Electronics and Communication Engineer

The electronics and communication field will best suit for those individuals who have a keen interest and passion to work with the electronic components and find solutions related with them. Apart from the formal educational qualification, these people must also possess certain peculiar skills to perform brilliantly in this field. Candidates must have a strong knowledge about all the techniques and principles involved. Good interpersonal and communication ability are essential. They must have commitment, a responsible mind and should be a good team player also.



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