Government Colleges for B.E/B. Tech Production Engineering


Production Engineering is a combination of management science and manufacturing technology and production engineers typically have a wide understanding of engineering practices. The goal of production engineers is to achieve production in the most-economical, most-judicious and smoothest possible way. Production engineering includes tool design and metal cutting, joining processes and casting of machine tools, mould and die design, fixtures & jigs, automation and machining systems.

Production engineering course is offered at UG level either as Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Technology course by the following government colleges in India:

Government Engineering College, Thrissur

Government College of Technology, Coimbatore

Subjects covered under production engineering course:

Some of the subjects covered under B.E/B. Tech Production Engineering course are given below:

Electrical machines

Computer graphics and solid modeling

Mechanics of deformable bodies


Engineering thermodynamics

Fluid mechanics

Materials science & technology

Analysis and synthesis of linkages and machines

Instrumentation and measurements

Production management

Apart from these subjects, several other subjects are also taught in the B.E/B. Tech Production Engineering course.

What are the job responsibilities of production engineers in an organization?

The main task of production engineers is to make sure that the manufacturing process goes on smoothly in the organization. Some of their job responsibilities would include the following:

Ensuring that the factory meets its deadlines and demands

Comparing different materials to find the perfect balance between cost and quality

Assisting the designing of a product and making sure that it is produced at a faster pace at a lesser possible cost

Creating computer simulations to prepare different ways in which manufacturing can be carried out effectively

Solve problems in the process of manufacturing and acting as a mediator between different departments in such a way that problems are fixed

Future job prospects of production engineers:

Candidates, who have completed their B.E/B. Tech production engineering with good academic records from a recognized institution, can very-well find job placements in a wide range of manufacturing organizations functioning in India. They can find employment opportunities not only in private manufacturing organizations, but in government manufacturing units as well.

Skills required to become a successful production engineer:

To become a successful production engineer, candidates must possess skills like:

Managing and optimizing flow

Understanding the relationship between production system and environment

Staying updated with technological developments

Incorporating concepts and quality techniques

Forecasting and analyzing demand

Designing, implementing and refining products, systems and processes

Making proper usage of statistics and mathematics



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