Government Colleges for M.E/M. Tech Applied Electronics in India


Applied Electronics has close connection with electrical engineering and at present, the knowledge of applied electronics engineering is extensively used in all branches of engineering. Therefore, for diploma holders in electrical engineering, it has become essential for acquiring adequate knowledge of electronic devices so that they can enjoy good job prospects. The course covered in this subject offer sufficient knowledge of semiconductor devices like oscillator, feedback amplifier, special devices, RC coupled amplifier, bipolar junction transistor, rectifiers and P-N junction.

Applied Electronics at PG level is offered either as Master of Technology or Master of Engineering course offered by a few engineering colleges in India. Among these colleges, the names of colleges working under the control of Government of India and different state governments are given below:

Coimbatore Institute of Technology

Government College of Engineering, Coimbatore

College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram

University College of Engineering, Idukki

What does the course offer?

Master of Technology/Engineering course offer candidates with the technical knowledge in the application area of electronics and they can gain an in-depth understanding of both digital and analog principles of engineering that can find application in modern product engineering technology.

Eligibility requirement for seeking admission to the Master of Engineering/Technology in Applied Electronics:

General eligibility criteria for seeking admission to the Master of Engineering/Technology in Applied Electronics is that candidates must have completed their Bachelor of Technology/Engineering in any of the branches like instrumentation/electronics/instrumentation & control/electronics & instrumentation/electronics & control engineering/electrical & electronics engineering/applied electronics from a recognized university. Most of the colleges prefer that candidates must have secured not less than 60% of marks in the qualifying examination and most of the institution consider GATE score for admission to the PG course in Applied Electronics.

Course content:

The Master of Engineering and Master of Technology course in Applied Electronics will mostly cover the topics given below:

Semi Conductors

Semi Conductor Diode

Bi-Polar Junction Transfer

RC Coupled and Power Amplifier

Special Devices

Feed Back and Oscillators

Analysis Design of Analog Integrated Circuits

Digital Control Engineering

Computer Architecture and Parallel Processing

VLSI Design Techniques

Applied Mathematics for Electronic Engineers

The course also includes some elective papers like:

Computer Aided Design of VLSI Design


VLSI Signal Processing

Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Neural Networks and Applications

Analog VLSI Design

Low Power VLSI Design

Benefits of PG Engineering/Technology course in Applied Electronics:

The Master of Engineering/Technology course enables the candidates to gain advanced technical knowledge in the application area of electronics. They will be able to obtain an in depth understanding of both digital and analog engineering principles that is being used in modern product engineering technology. All these enable the candidates to find a challenging and rewarding career in the field of applied electronics. The course also offer candidates with the benefit of going for Ph. D course or M. Phil course in Applied Electronics. In addition, the course can also offer better job prospects to aspiring experts in the field of Applied electronics and related field as well.



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