Higher study options after Diploma in Electronics


Candidates who have completed Diploma in Electronics can pursue higher education such as Bachelor of Engineering/ Technology, Bachelor of Science, Post graduate diploma courses as well as certification courses. Diploma holders can go for certification programs in subjects such as VHSIC hardware description language, VLSI design engineering and Signaling & VoIP Protocol Implementation. Some of the well known courses are mentioned below.

Under Graduation Programs

  • Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication
  • Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Medical Electronics
  • Bachelor of Technology in Electronic Instrumentation and Control
  • Bachelor of Technology in Instrumentation & Control Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Instrumentation

Diploma Programs

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Electronic Media
  • Advanced Diploma in DSP System Design
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Wireless and Mobile Computing
  • Post Graduate Diploma course in Industrial Automation System Design
  • Advanced Diploma in Real Time Operating Systems
  • Post Graduate Diploma in VLSI Design
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Wireless Technology
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Automation System Design
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Electronics
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Microprocessor Design
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Electronics
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Microwave Communication

Certification Courses

  • Certificate courses in Verilog
  • Certification Course in VHSIC hardware description language
  • Certificate program in VLSI design engineering
  • Certificate courses in Optical Fiber Communications
  • Certificate program in Telecom Protocol Development
  • Certificate courses in Signaling & VoIP Protocol Implementation
  • Certificate program in Maintenance and Repairing of Electronic Domestic Appliances
  • Certificate program in Mobile Communication
  • Certificate in Engineering Vocations (Mechanic TV and VCD)
  • Certificate Course in Mobile Phone Repairing
  • Certificate program in Maintenance of Television
  • Certification Program in Basic Electronics
  • Certificate courses in Maintenance of Electrical Equipments
  • Certificate in Engineering Vocations (Refrigeration and Air Condition)

Apart from these courses, candidates can join online courses on Embedded System, Wireless Technology and system design. Diploma holders in Electronics can go for integrated Post Graduation courses offered in related subjects. Admission to such courses is carried out on the basis of common entrance exams such as Lateral Entry Entrance Exam (LEET) and other exams conducted by the Universities concerned. Lovely Professional University, Punjab Technical University and Indira Gandhi National Open University are some of the popular institutes that provide admission through lateral entry. Candidates who have scored a minimum of 60% marks in aggregate in qualifying examination are eligible to seek admission through lateral entry.



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