How To Deal With Ragging


College life is a phase of the life that every student waits for desperately and plans things that he wishes to do in college. Ragging is the experience a fresher wants to enjoy or is the most frightening experience for a fresher. Ragging is officially banned by the court but still is quite prominent in some colleges specially colleges of small towns and cities. Here are some tips that might help a fresher to deal with ragging:-

• Don’t be a coward:- College life being a completely new phase where you meet new people and you get into real world. Seniors are also students and don’t be afraid of them. A healthy introduction is good when you get to know your seniors but never blindly do whatever they say and object whatever you think is wrong.

• Don’t indulge into fights:- Sometimes this whole things turns into fights don’t be afraid but also don’t indulge into these college fights because it won’t help you in any way.

• Be friends with seniors:- As you enter in the whole new world of college try to make good bonding with the senior students as they would help you with every new thing with the college be it studies, placements or any other activities.

• Be mature:- In college life you should learn how to tackle people and how to get the best out of everything. Never be childish in your behaviour when you are dealing with people always be mature and learn how to get along with the flow.



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