Jobs in Legal Sector


If law is your passion then there are many job opportunities available for an individual in the legal field. The range of the candidate’s involvement can be as a main player or even as a supporting role in the legal system.  A candidate can a grab any one of these lucrative jobs in hand.

There are many desirable legal qualifications required by an individual to enter in to the Legal sector. Some of them include a diploma, Bachelors degree like LLB, Masters in Law etc. The administration and other legal jobs require a Legal Management degree and skills in Conflict management, dispute resolution etc. Most of the firms require candidates with high level of experience in the legal field.

Legal executive jobs

  • Administrative Law Judge
  • Attorney
  • Attorney General
  • Defense Attorney
  • District Attorney
  • Judges and Magistrates
  • Law Enforcement
  • Lawyer
  • Legal Assistant
  • Legal Counsel
  • Prosecuting Attorney
  • Prosecutor
  • Public Defender

Legal advisor job specification

  • Adjudicators
  • Code Enforcement Officer
  • Corporate Legal
  • Hearing Officer
  • Legal Advisor
  • Legal Executive
  • Legal Secretary
  • Public Defender

Criminal justice job specification

  • Crime Scene Investigator
  • Criminal Defense Attorney
  • Criminal Lawyer
  • Criminal Psychology
  • Law Enforcement Teacher

Law clerk job specification

  • Court Reporter
  • Judiciary Interpreter
  • Law Clerk
  • Translator

Pay scale of Jobs in Legal Sector

The pay scale for each of the jobs in each section will differ drastically. The highest paying section in the legal job sector will be Legal executive jobs, Legal advisor jobs and the Criminal justice jobs. In the Legal system there are Public Prosecutors and other designation who are appointed by the Government. They will get a fixed salary from the government. They can also charge a fee for their services from private parties. The salary claimed by the lowest division can start from Rs.7000/- and can go up to more than Rs.50, 000/- a month, in addition to the fees charged.

The pay scale will differ drastically change according to the sector one decides to work. A person with law education can find a job in a private law firm, Insurance Corporation, court case, real estate sector or even with government and public law agency.

Pros about Jobs in Legal Sector

One of the main advantages a candidate will acquire in the legal sector in the financial benefit as well as faster career growth. There is no other profession which will give a hardworking individual the prestige and opportunity to work with a lively and mentally thought-provoking environment. Legal sector have many highly regarded profession which offer stability and monetary security to individuals.

Cons about Jobs in Legal Sector

The main disadvantages in the Legal sector an individual might face is working hours, stress full environment, high level of competition from the peers etc. Persons associate in this field need out of the box thinking and must have a sharp and crude mind. There will also be lot of unpleasant situation which will lead to arguments and squabbles.



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    Now I am of 40 years having 10 years of practice experience in criminal and civil field and have completed my LL.B decree with specialization paper of criminal law and now I want a job as a law officer / Assistant Public Prosecutors any Gujarat court So I need your kind guidance..

  2. 6
    lalit kumar:

    suitable job for me , i am LL.M(IPR)from NLU

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  4. 4
    Binayak Goduka:

    Now I am of 36 years having 9 years of practice experience in criminal and civil field and have completed my LL.M decree with specialization paper of criminal law and company law and now I want a job as a law officer/manager in Banking sectors or in any reputed company. So I need your kind guidance..

  5. 3
    amar yelambkar:

    i want job in crime scene investigator & criminal deviance attorney as well as criminal justice jobs

  6. 2
    I am 33 I completed 2 years practice in court as an advocate, can i get any job in legal sector.please help:

    It is good to help job seeker

  7. 1
    neelam ram:

    dear u, i have done LLB,LLM(in labour law), pursuing MBA and PhD, now.presently working in a foreign law firm in pune since past 4 yrs,also practiced in high court(indian law), but as it is well known that here the exp of foreign law doesnt count much. so can i have opportunity abroad? and also wat all opportunities to get in india with gud package.
    thanks and regards
    advocate miss neelam ram