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A lawyer is a person who is well versed with the law of a state and can give legal advice to clients and represent them in courts. Lawyer is among the most popular career choices aspirants make. This profession is considered to be one of the most respectable among other professions. In a way a lawyer is the bridge between a common man and the law. A lawyer may work as advocate / solicitor / notary / legal advisor.

Career opportunities in public sector

The career opportunities of lawyer in public sector are endless. Majority of the popular public sector firms appoint lawyers to the post of legal advisor. Getting into these posts requires the candidates to clear certain governmental test conducted by various governmental departments such as SSC, UPSC, state PSC, and so on. A lawyer can also pursue a career in government sector as government defender / public prosecutor who has to deal with different criminal as well as civil cases given by the government authorities.

Career opportunities in private sector

After registering in any of the country’s Bar Council, lawyers can start private practice. In this field, they can help client’s advice on legal rights. They are supposed to let their clients know about their rights and make them aware of any consequences of certain actions they want to take. They also frame legal documents like agreements, wills, contracts etc according to the requirement of their clients.

Opportunities abroad

The lawyers also have wide scope in securing a career in various firms in several foreign countries. There is a great demand for legal advisors and notary in various reputed companies abroad. The main advantage of securing a career in foreign countries such as USA, UK, Australia, Canada, etc is that the salary offered by the firms in these countries are much higher than one gets from their mother country.

Salary range

Remuneration of a lawyer is fairly good as compared to other professions. The salary goes on increasing with time, experience and knowledge of individuals. Qualification also matters as a lawyer with LLM degree gets a better pay scale than a LLB graduate. As a fresher, one can earn a monthly income of about Rs. 10,000/- to Rs. 20,000/-. Within 2 – 3 years itself, it may rise up to Rs. 30,000/- or more per month. Lawyers working as legal advisor in corporate firms can get as high as Rs. 50,000/- monthly. A successful and a famous lawyer may even charge in lakhs for high profile cases.



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    hello sir my name is arun and i have done LLB(professional) from jammu university but after doing this course i find that every thing written on this site about carear in llb is totolly false and there is no scope of this degree .

  2. 7
    baji baba:

    i have completed my LLM cource from osmania university last year. i want to start my career as an advocate. for this what shall i do?

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    I’m Nakul.K.N from kerala. My ambition is to become lawyer now i’m waiting for my plus two result.could you please suggest to achieve my aim.

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    My name is naveen . I had completed my private degree in B.COM is i am eligible to join in any law course .please mail me .

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    anuradha bahrdwaj:

    i want my career as legal advisor but don’t know how to get admission in college with this i heard that some entrance exam should have to be clear for this only then v can apply so, i want to know when the forms will come out and how to apply for this. i will be thank full to you if u help me for this.

    thank you

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    I have complted with my first LLB in ahmedabad now i want to know exam related to soliciotr’s ,and also its eligibilty criteria,course structure ,availibility of form and also its future prospectus

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    I have completed with my first LLB from ahmedabad ,now havin holidays ,but really interested to know about solicitor;s exam,its form avaibility,course structure,eligibility and time duration etc…

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    Satyen Bose:

    I am (hons) graduate i want to be income tax lawyer,
    how it possible to do in future for tax consulting.