Civil Service Examination Philosophy (Paper II) Papers


About the subject:

Philosophy subject includes the use of reason and argument in seeking truth and knowledge of reality. The subject is very interesting and high scoring as it is very theorize. Logically the subject develops argument through authentic reasoning. Philosophical approach implies conceptual clarity, logical interconnectivity and precise demonstrability or explicability.

About the paper:

The civil service examination paper II deals with socio-political philosophy and philosophy of religion. The paper contains two sections – section A and section B. The questions are printed in English as well as in Hindi. Candidates must have written their answer in their respective medium as specified in their Admission Certificate. No marks will be given if the answer is not written in their specified medium.

Time allotted for the examination:

Duration for the examination is 3 hours.

Paper Pattern:

The examination carries a total of 300 marks and the mark is equally distributed to each of the question. A candidate have to attempt 5 questions out of 8 options in which two questions ( Question number 1 and 5) from each section are compulsory  and any 3 of the remaining question selecting at least one from each section. The answers should be precise and to-the-point. The marks assigned to each part of any question are indicated at the end of each question.

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