List of Companies in Consulting Sector


Consulting sector is considered as one of the emerging sectors in India as well as abroad. A lot of companies are functioning effectively in this sector. This is one of the sectors that offer a lot of job opportunities for the up coming young talents. There are various job profiles that can be enjoyed by qualified individuals in this sector. Below is the list of companies functioning in the consulting sector.

List of companies in consulting sector in South India

  • 24×7 Corporate Solution India Pvt Ltd, Tamil Nadu
  • A&B Associates, Karnataka
  • ABC Study Links Pvt Ltd, Kerala
  • Centre for Excellence in Organization Pvt Ltd, Tamil Nadu
  • Headway Consultants Pvt Ltd, Kerala
  • Helix Technologies, Karnataka
  • Inspire Consultancy Services, Karnataka
  • Job world India Pvt Ltd, Karnataka

List of companies in consulting sector in North India

  • A. R Consultants India Pvt Ltd, Delhi
  • Access Financial Services, Uttar Pradesh
  • Capital Placement Resources, Delhi
  • Career Info vision Consulting, Delhi
  • Core Consultants, Uttar Pradesh
  • Delta Carriers Pvt Ltd, Delhi
  • Edge Executive Search Pvt Ltd, Delhi
  • Fairtech Engineering Services, Delhi
  • Good Fellow Foreign Services Agency, Delhi
  • HSCC India Ltd, Uttar Pradesh
  • Kat Industrial Consultants Pvt Ltd, Delhi

List of companies in consulting sector in East India

  • 2COMS Consulting Pvt Ltd, West Bengal
  • AB Global Partners, Orissa
  • Brain ware Consultancy Pvt. Ltd, West Bengal
  • Career Point, West Bengal
  • Development Consultants Pvt Ltd, West Bengal
  • Genius Consultants Ltd, West Bengal

List of companies in consulting sector in west India

  • 21st Century Health Management Solutions Pvt Ltd, Maharashtra
  • 3P Consultants Pvt Ltd, Maharashtra
  • A TO Z HR Services India Pvt Ltd, Maharashtra
  • Absolute Placements Services, Gujarat
  • Brandscapes Consultancy Pvt Ltd, Maharashtra
  • CAN Consultants, Gujarat
  • Fortune Executive Search, Maharashtra
  • Garima Placement Services, Gujarat
  • Career Placements, Maharashtra
  • Lead Manpower Services Pvt Ltd, Rajasthan

Top companies in consulting sector in India

  • McKinsey & Company
  • Boston Consulting Group
  • Bain Consulting India Private Limited
  • AT Kearney
  • Accenture
  • Tata Strategic Management Group
  • A .F. Ferguson & C
  • Arshiya International Limited
  • Deloitte
  • KVP Business Solutions
  • Madras Consultancy Group
  • Noesis Strategic Consulting Services
  • Resonate Consulting Private Ltd
  • Sampling Research
  • Sathguru Management Consultants
  • Technopak Advisors Private Limited
  • Vision Consulting
  • Pristine Ventures

These are considered as the top companies in the consulting sector. Most of these companies have branches all over India. Aspirants who will get placed in any of these companies are assured a bright future ahead. A lot of new other companies are planning to enter into the field of consulting sector realizing the importance of this sector in the current era.



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