Preparation tips and Reference Books for MD in Ayurveda Entrance Exam


Panchakarma, Dravyaguna Vigyan, Ashtanga Hridaya, Kaumarbhritya, etc are the main topics included in MD in Ayurveda Entrance Exam. Referring books on the same will help one to prepare for the exam.

Books on Padartha Vigyanam

  • Ayurved Darshana by Acharya Rajkumar Jain
  • Ayurvediya Padartha by Darshan Pandit Shivhare
  • Ayurvediya Padartha Vigyan Parichaya by Vaidya Banwari lal Gaur
  • Ayurvediya Padartha Vigyana by Vaidya Ranjit Rai
  • Padartha Vigyana by Balwant Shastri
  • Padartha Vigyana by Kashikar
  • Padhartha Vigyan by Dr Shailaja Srivastava
  • Sankhya Tantra Kaumadi by Gajanan Shastri

Books on Ashtanga Hridaya (Sutrasthan)

  • Ashtang Hridayam by Professor Banwari lal Gaur
  • Ashtang Hridayam by Vagbhata Dr Vishwavasu Gaur
  • Ashtang Hridayam by Vagbhata Dr. Bulusu Sitaram
  • Ashtang Hridayam by Vagbhata Dr. T. Sreekumar

Books on Rachana Sharir

  • Brihat Shariram Vaidyaratna by P.S. Varrier
  • Abhinava Shariram by Acharya Damodar Sharma Gaur
  • Sharir Rachana Vigyan (English) by Vaidya P.G. Athawale
  • Clinical Anatomy in Ayurveda by Prof. D.G. Thatte and Prof. Suresh Chandra
  • Ayurvedic Human Anatomy by Prof. Dr. Giridhar M. Kanthi
  • Rachana Sharir Vigyana by Dr. Mahendra Sing

Books on Kriya Sharir

  • Abhinava Sharir Kriya Vigyana by Acharya Priyavrata Sharma
  • Abhinava Sharir Kriya Vigyana by Dr. Shiv Kumar Gaur
  • Deha Dhatvagni Vigyana by Pt. Haridutt Shastri
  • Dosha Dhatu Mala Vigyana by Basant Kumar Shrimal
  • Pragyogik Kriya Sharir by Acharya P.C. Jain
  • Purush Vichaya by Acharya V.J. Thakar
  • Tridosha Vigyana by Shri Upendranath Das

Books on Panchakarma

  • Charak Samhita with Commentary of Ayurveda Dipika by Chakrapanidatta & Agnivesha
  • Jalpakalpataru by Gangadhara
  • Sushrut Samhita with the Nibhandha Samgraha Commentary of Dalhana & Nyayachandrika Panjika of Gayadasa on Nidana Sthana by Sushruta
  • Ashtanga Hridaya with Sarvanga Sundara & Ayurveda Rasayana Commentaries by Vaghbhata
  • Ayurvediya Panchakarma Chikitsa by Dr Mukundilal Dwivedi
  • Panchakarma Vigyan by Shreedhar Kasture and Dr Haridas

Books on Kaumarbhritya

  • Essential Pediatrics by O.P Ghai
  • Text Book of Pediatrics by Nelsan
  • Care of New Born by Meharban Singh
  • Clinical Methods in Pediatrics by Meharban Singh
  • Pediatric Emergencies by Meharban Singh
  • Diseases of New Born by Scheffers

Books on Stri Roga

  • Abhinava Prasuti Tantra Vd. by Damodar Sharma Gaur
  • Prasuti Vigyan by Acharya Ramanath Dwivedi
  • Prasuti Vigyan by Vaidya Nirmala Tai Rajwade
  • Prasuti Tantra & Stri Roga by Dr. Premvati Tiwari
  • Abhinava Prasuti Vigyan by Ayodhya Prasad Achal
  • Stri Roga Vigyan Vd. by Ramanath Dwivedi
  • Abhinava Striroga Vigyan by Dr. Rajendra Bhatnagar
  • Abhinava Striroga Vigyan by Ayodhya by Prasad Achal

Books on Shalya

  • Shalya Tantra Samuchchaya by Pandit Ramadesh Sharma
  • Shalya Vigyan (Part 1-2) by Dr. Surendra Kumar Sharma
  • Soushruti by Dr. Ram Nath Dwivedi
  • Clinical Shalya Vigyan by Dr. Akhilanand Sharma
  • Bhagna Chikitsa by Dr. Prabhakar Janardhan Deshpande
  • Anorectal diseases in Ayurveda by Dr.Sizoria & Dr Praveen Kumar Chowdary
  • Shalya tantra Ke Siddhant by Dr. K.K.Takral

Books on SwasthaVritta

  • Swasthvritta Samucchya by Pt. Rajeshwardutt Shastri
  • Jansanakhya Shiksha Siddhant by Dr. Nirmal Sahani Updeysa

Books on Dravyaguna Vigyan

  • Dravyaguna Sutram by Acharya Priyavrata Sharma
  • Dravyaguna Vigyana by Dr. Gyanendra Pandey
  • Dravyaguna Vigyana(Vol. 1-2) by Acharya Yadavji Tikram Ji
  • Prayogatamaka Dravyaguna Vigyana by Dr. Maya Ram Uniyal
  • Priya nighantu by Acharya Priyavrata Sharma
  • Textbook of Dravyaguna by Dr.K.Nishteswar
  • Unani Dravyaguna Vigyana by Hakim Daljeet Singh

Books on Agadatantra– Visha Chikitsa

  • Vidhivaidyaka (Vyavahar Ayurveda Vijnan) by Dr.Charuchandra Pathak
  • Medical Jurisprudence and Toxicology by Modi
  • Agad Tantra by Dr. Shekher Namboodri
  • Vishachikitsa Vaidya by Balakrishnan Nair

Preparation tips for MD in Ayurveda Entrance Exam

As there is limited number of seats for MD in Ayurveda, the entrance test meant for the same will be highly competitive. Exam includes questions from the core areas covered in BAMS course. Most of the ayurvedic terms are mentioned in Sanskrit language and so it is better to write these terms in a separate paper during study. Don’t try to mug up topics while studying, as this may make things easily forgettable. Referring books and articles on ayurveda will also improve one’s knowledge. One can also approach coaching centers for exam preparation. These centers offer proper guidance and tip to clear the entrance test.



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