Tamil Nadu Board Higher Secondary History Papers


The Tamil Nadu State Board of School Examination which was established in the year 1982 conducts two board examinations, one in class 10 and the other in class 12. The Board that conducts class 12 examinations in Government as well as in private schools at the state level is Tamil Nadu Board of Higher Secondary Education which comes under the Tamil Nadu State Board of School Examination. History is considered to be of vital importance as it helps us to know about the rich culture of a country and the occurrence of events that had once taken place and by knowing it we can be a part of it. History repeats itself and so it’s important to study the history which people in the past had shared with pride and honor.

Sectional Division

There are four sections in this paper-A, B, C and D and the entire question in each of the sections are aligned serial order.

Pattern of the Question Paper

The paper carries four main sections. The first section consist short answer questions such as multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks, match the column, chose the correct statement or correct an incorrect statement etc, and the candidate is required to answer all the questions. The second section consists of twenty questions and the candidate is supposed to write short notes on any fifteen. The third section contains eleven questions out of which any ten questions are required to be answered and each of the eleven questions has two divisions and the candidate can answer any one out of two in each of the questions. The fourth section i.e. section D consist of long answer questions. There are seven questions and any five are to be answered. Here also all the questions contain two parts and one can select any one in each of the seven questions provided.

Marks Allocation

The total marks in this paper is two hundred. The first section is of forty five marks and consisting of a variety of short answer questions. The second section also contains forty five marks, each question consisting of three marks each i.e. a total of fifteen questions should be attempted out of twenty. Section C is of sixty marks and one is required to answer ten questions, each carrying six marks each. Section D which is the last section, is of fifty marks, each question carrying ten marks each. Thus summing up to a total of two hundred marks.

Time Duration

The time allocated for this paper is three hours.

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