Mumbai University, BE in Electronics and Telecommunication, 4th Semester, Electromagnetic Wave Theory Papers


About the subject:

Electromagnetic waves are a subject that deals with the study of various kinds of electromagnetic waves and its effects and applications. There are many areas where the electromagnetic waves are useful and highly applicable. This subject deals with the study of all the factors that makes the electromagnetic waves so much useful. The subject also deals with the study of various kinds of dielectric, capacitance, and conductors along with their working and principle.

Kind of questions asked:

The questions in the question paper are from the entire syllabus. The questions comprise both objective type questions as well as subjective type questions.


1.Coulomb’s law and electric field intensity:

Coulomb’s law, electric field intensity, calculation of electric field intensity for various charge distributions, streamlines and sketches of field.

2.Electric flux density and Gauss’s law:

Electric flux density, Gauss’s law, applications of Gauss’s  law, vector operator and divergence theorem.

3.Energy and Potential:

Energy expended in moving a point charge in an electric field, line integral, potential and potential difference, calculations of electric field of both point charge and system of charges, potential gradient, dipole, energy density.

4. Conductors, Dielectrics, Capacitance:

Current and current density continuity o f current, conductor properties, Dielectric material and properties, capacitance, calculation of capacitance of various configurations method of images

5. Poisson and Laplace’s equations:

Poisson and Laplace’s equation and its applications, uniqueness theorem, product solution of Laplace’s equation.

6. Steady magnetic field:

Biot Savart law, Ampere’s circuital law, curl of H, stoke’s theorem, Magnetic flux and flux density, scalar and vector magnetic potentials of steady magnetic field lines.

7. Time Varying Fields and Maxwell’s equations:

Faraday’s law concept of displacement currents, Maxwell’s equations in point form,  Maxewll’s equations in Integral form, Boundary conditions and significance of Maxewll’s equations.

8. Uniform Plane Waves:

Uniform Plane Waves in t ime domain in free space, sinusoidally t ime varying uniform plane waves in free space, wave equation and solution for material uniform plane. Waves in dielectrics and conductors, reflection of uniform plane waves, significance of plane waves, polarization of waves.

9. Poynting Vector and flow of power:

Poynting theorem, power flow for a plane wave, power flow in a concentric cable, Poynting vector about R-C lines, heterogeneous average and complex Poynting vector, Poynting vector, Poynting loss in a Plane conductor.

Examination pattern:

Mumbai University evaluates the subjects out of 200 marks. That means every subject of the student is of 200 marks. This mark comprises of all kinds of examinations. 100 marks are allotted for theory examinations. 50 marks i9s allotted for practical, 25 for oral, and 25 for term effort. Term effort mark and oral examinations are conducted by the college itself. Rests are undertaken by the university.

Paper pattern:

The question paper of Mumbai University BE in Electronics and Telecommunication 4th Semester Electromagnetic Wave Theory has all together 7 questions. These 7 questions are of 20 marks each. Every question has further sub questions which forms the part of the questions. Candidates answering the paper have to answer any 5 out of these given 7 questions. However out of the three section of the paper, candidates have to answer one question from each section. Remaining 2 can be from any section of the paper.

Time allotted:

Time allotted for answering the question paper of 100 marks is 3 hours.

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