Career after B.Tech in Chemical Engineering


Chemical Engineering is a stream of engineering which deals with applications of life science and physical science. In this stream, the candidate studies about the process of changing the raw materials in to more valuable product. This branch of engineering is of great scope in many firms which utilizes chemical, biochemical, biomedical technologies.

Chemical engineering is generally involved in the design of various chemical plants and also in maintaining of those plants.

There is lot of job opportunities for the aspirants after completing B.Tech in Chemical engineering. Chemical engineers are required in petroleum refineries, fertilizer plants, food and agricultural products, in glass and plastic industry, various treatment plants, pharmaceutical firms etc. The work of engineers with B.Tech in Chemical engineering involves design, development, operation, and management of various processes in industries. They work as chemists, material engineers, or as industrial engineers. There are openings in both public sector and private sector companies for graduates in chemical engineering.

Private Sector Jobs after B.Tech in Chemical Engineering

Large number of opportunities is available for aspirants after B.Tech in chemical engineering in the private sector. The type of job varies from industry to industry. Aspirants can find opportunities in chemical industries, mineral-based industries, manufacturing industries etc. The professionals can focus on special streams like oxidation, polymerization, etc. Opportunities are available in the fields of designing chemical equipments like heat exchanger, pressure vessels, etc.  The professionals can find jobs in chemical industries, refineries, manufacturing plants like of pesticides, insecticides, etc. The professionals can also work in research, teaching etc. There are more opportunities available for candidates after completing a master’s degree in management. They can work as Production Manager, Project Manager, Operations Manager, etc.

Government Sector Jobs after B.Tech in Chemical Engineering

Government sector provides a large variety of jobs for aspirants with B.Tech in Chemical Engineering. The professionals can find opportunities in atomic plants, power plants, refineries, health related research institutes, etc. They can find openings in textile industry, fertilizer plants, etc. Chemical engineers are appointed by government in various environmental firms. These professionals help in solving many environmental issues like pollution, waste water treatment, waste treatment, energy conservation, protecting environmental regulations, and recycling. The chemical engineering graduates can find opportunities in nano technological and biotechnological organizations. Many companies under Government of India recruit chemical engineers as management trainees. Some of these companies are ONGC, SAIL, IOCL, ISRO, etc.

Job Prospects Abroad after B.Tech in Chemical Engineering

There are many openings in Multinational companies in various fields. Some of them are listed below.

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Explosive manufacturing
  • Food Processing
  • Coal Preparation
  • Mineral Processing
  • Manufacturing Industries

The candidates after completing B.Tech in Chemical Engineering can find openings in India as well as abroad.  Now days, there is an increase in employment opportunities for chemical engineers.



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    ajay verma:

    now i m in 4th sem and i want to qualify gate please give me suggetion…..

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    I have completed chemical in 2013 n now I am preparing for gate exam can u guide me to know what are other opportunities also which I can try..

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    Anshu Bhardwaj:

    Tell me what will i do for getting a job in chemical engg. related companies. i have completed my B.Tech Chemical Engg. from JNU Jaipur. Recently i am doing training in Teva API in period of 5 Aug to 5 Nov. so pls guide me
    Thanking You

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    Dear sir/Madam: chem completed 2010 with 68%, now working in civil engg, no experiences in my subject side(2month working in paint company)., If i want to go to core industry after 2 or 3 years, then what is the main requirement from myself,

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    can i start in nuclear engineerin after in chemical engineering?

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    m a chemical engg. final yr stdnt…….. nd i want to start my job career in refinarirs , cement , fertilizers , paints nd petrochemicals…… plz suggest me the opportuinities

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    i want daily updates of chemical engineering

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    is there any chance for ece engineer to join in waste water management

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    if i am very much interest in core industries but i got job in software industry only, If i want to go to core industry after 2 or 3 years from IT company then what is the main requirement from myself

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    how to prepare for interview….which type of questions they may ask