Bio medical engineering and its present day influence on medical science


Biomedical engineering is the application of engineering techniques and principles to biology and medicine, so that we can have improved healthcare solutions. Biomedical courses in India help one to move forward in this specialized field. This engineering course integrates engineering designs and principles to biomedical sciences so that healthcare diagnosis and treatments are done with ease. This field is a new field in India compared to other traditional fields. Most of the work done in this field consists of research, design and development of complicated machines. The most important biomedical devices are:

Various Diagnostic and Therapeutic Devices

It includes imaging equipments like MRIs and EEGs and also biocompatible prostheses

Biomedical engineers have devised artificial organs such as pacemakers and kidneys. They have also succeeded in making therapeutical and surgical devices like magnetic resonance imaging machine and laser machines for vision correction. The objective of biomedical engineers is to make the life of a patient comparatively easy.

Eligibility requirement for admission into Biomedical engineering

The candidate should have cleared 10+2 with science subjects. The school or the board must be recognized by the government. Candidates have to pass an entrance exam before admission into various colleges. There is a requirement of minimum marks of 50% in some universities.

Some of the biomedical institutes in India are:

  • Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi
  • India Institute of Technology, Mumbai
  • Amity institute of Biotechnology, New Delhi
  • Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani

Objectives of Biomedical engineering:

  • To establish a relationship between Engineering, Medicine, Biology and Physics in the most profound manner
  • To improve the quality of Healthcare
  • To create State-of-the-Art-Infrastructure

Biomedical engineering has transformed the way, we see Medical science. Most of the hospitals nowadays are equipped with complex biomedical machines, equipments and instruments. Because of this, life of patients and doctors has become easy. The time taken to solve a case has also come down drastically. Investigations although costlier have become a boon to doctors, as they can easily diagnose patients and start the treatment at the earliest.

Some of the specialized fields of Biomedical engineering are:

  • Bio-Mechanics
  • Medical Imaging
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Bio-Instrumentation
  • Bio-Materials
  • Cellular and Tissue Engineering
  • Orthopedic Surgery

The Study of Biomedical engineering includes

  • Human Anatomy
  • Electron Devices
  • Bio-Medical Instrumentation
  • Bio Fluids and Dynamics

Thus, we can see that Biomedical engineering has a huge impact on medical science. It has improved the day-to-day lives of patients by providing them excellent healthcare facilities.



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