Chemical Process Engineer - How to become a Chemical Process Engineer?


Chemical Process Engineer employs scientific methods and principles to design processes and equipment used in chemical operations. These professionals are usually involved in the design aspects of industrial plants. The design process is made by considering factors such as cost effectiveness, safety, environment etc.

The Chemical Process Engineer uses their creativity and knowledge in designing plants that offer maximum capacity and optimum profit. They always work in line with the team of finance personals, technicians, chemist and other engineers to bring out the result. They uses CAD tools for design purposes to develop and analyze the multi dimensional view of the plant. To get in to the role of a chemical process engineer, one should have adequate educational qualifications and expertise in the area.

Qualifying Exam

Those aspirants who want to get in to the profession of chemical process engineer should pass the bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. The qualification must be obtained from any of the reputed educational institutions that offer courses on the same. Work experience is an added advantage for these professionals to get in to the job. The candidate has to pass the selection procedure carried out by the employing firm to get in to the post

Who are eligible to apply?

The aspirants who have completed HSC course in Science major are eligible to apply for the bachelor degree course in Chemical Engineering. After completion of the course, the candidate can earn an entry level job in any of the firms operating in chemical processing. After gaining sufficient experience, one can move in to the role of Chemical Process Engineer.

Key elements in the process

  • Complete XII class studies with science (main).
  • Pursue B.Tech in Chemical Engineering
  • Obtain adequate experience
  • Search and apply for the post of Chemical Process Engineer

Skills required for a Chemical Process Engineer

Technical design skills are essential to get in to the role of a Chemical Process Engineer. Analytical and innovative thinking is required to do well in the job. Knowledge in software design tools is also important. Excellent presentation and communication skills are also preferred for those who involve in this type of job. Ability to interact and work with teams is also essential.



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