Fee structure of M.sc in Cheminfomatics


Cheminfomatics is a kind of course which is cross between computer science and chemistry. It is also known as chemical informatics. Cheminfomatics is useful to collect information about chemistry out of a large number of databases. It is process to transform data into information and then into knowledge to take fast and correct decision in the field of drug identification. Cheminfomatics is very much helpful in the pharmaceutical companies to produce drugs by the silico technics and also comes in use in various ways in the industries for making various products in many forms.

The course M.Sc in Cheminfomatics is very popular amongst the students. The course is new and recent and thus attracts at a lot of arenas. The demand of professional with this degree course is very high, and the number of available individuals with this degree is very less. This is why so many colleges are coming up with this course to supply the demand of this course.

The fee structure of this course goes as high as 2 lacs per year. The course is not very common, but then too, there is ample number of colleges that offers this course. The number of college offering this course includes both private as well as government institutions. Few popular names are Amity University, SD University, University of Delhi, University of Mumbai, and many more. SD University charges Rs 21000 per year for this course. The other universities also charges same amount as the other M.Sc course have.

The fee in the government colleges is lesser than that of the private colleges. Also the government colleges have provision of fee relaxation for the poor candidates. Almost all the above mentioned colleges have provision of reservation in the field of admission for the lower and backward class students as per the quota norms.



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    respected sir i am about to complete my graduation this year in science (medical) plz tell me in which field i can go and which is better plz reply sir