Food Critic - How to become a Food Critic?


Food critic is a broad form to explain a writer who discovers food or restaurants. To become a food critic a person need to achieve professional experience. This is possible by learning in detail about the food industry. This profession is for not only tasting foods and make a comment. They need to provide detailed information to the public. After tasting new foods, the critics are giving option or comment about the food by publishing in various Media.

At the time of commenting about a food, they need to consider the varying tastes among people. A food critic will get a chance to taste many dishes across the globe and they should be giving their opinion on the same. The main job of a Food critic is to provide proper information about a food to the readers. This particular job is highly responsible one.

Qualifying Exam

No particular degree is required for this job. There are various courses in the field like Food Technology, Food Engineering, Certification course in Food, Nutrition, Dietetics etc.

Who is eligible to apply?

The basic qualification needed is a creative writing ability or a degree in Journalism. There are many other related courses like Hotel Management or a degree in Travel and Tourism or some cooking courses. The cooking courses will helps to know about the art of cooking. Another requirement for the Food critic is writing skill and knowledge about various tastes. It is not an easy job as everyone think. Certain abilities needed for a Food critic is an understanding of cooking and food in general, communication skills, efficient writing skills, presentation skill and honesty.

Key Points in the Process

  • No specific education qualification required
  • Candidates can pursue Masters courses in Food Technology, Engineering etc
  • Expertise will come over a period of experience

Career options for Food critic

The service sector is becoming a highly demandable one. This profession will give chances to travel, taste different types of foods etc. For a fresher it will take time to publish his work. Food critics are usually getting jobs in food magazines, television channels etc. Other areas they are getting opportunity is in review websites and other Medias. They can post their opinion in blogs, website etc.



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    why the food critics suppressed in India?Why cant we see the reviews on a restaurant in media?