GM or Working Manager, Kalyani Unit Structural Fabrication


Company profile: The Kalyani unit structural fabrication is a very reputed company and has a huge investment made in the field of the construction of the railway bridges. They have been qualified in the field of cranes and hydra as well. The company is well develop and is in the stage of progress and growth and requires the support of their staff to be with them and help to increase the company product and profit.

Job profile: The kalyani unit and structural fabrication requires some experienced GM as well as work manager and design manager. They also require technical manager having the qualifications which are mentioned below. The person should have a good knowledge of the railway bridge and he or she should know about the finance control as well as the budgetary control and he or she should know about the management system. The person should be a qualified as well as a technical person.

Experience: The person should have a 5 to 6 years experience in the field of hydra and cranes as well as the sales to produce order for infrastructure units.

Contact: The person who thinks that he is eligible for this job can contact immediately to the box 0 4746 the telegraph, Kolkata- 700072.

Working location: The working location is in the west Bengal in Kolkata and in the major districts of West Bengal where the major centers of the company are present.

Number of positions: There are many positions vacant for this job.

How to apply for the job: The person who wishes to apply for this job can attach his/her curriculum vitae (CV) and can apply for this job.



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