How to prepare for CBSE 12th Biology Exam?


To set up a career in medical field is the growing trend among the students now a day. In order to full fill their ambition they need to work really well. Preparations should start from tenth class itself so that the student will get enough time to reach their goal. Marks secured by the student in the twelfth class determine the future of the student. The students need to concentrate well on physics and chemistry along with biology.

Many students choose engineering field because they find biology difficult to understand and study. The main reason for this difficulty is that they try to by heart the subject. The students with physics, biology along with chemistry and math’s as optional subjects can choose either engineering or medical field according to their interest. An average student can very well manage these optional subjects, if they understand the subjects and finds interest in it. The candidate should have a proper plan in each step of their studies and should implement these plans so that they can be successful in their studies and career.

The subject biology in twelfth class covers a variety of topics which include

  • Biotechnology and its applications
  • Genetics and evolution
  • Ecology and environment
  • Biology and human Welfare
  • Sexual reproduction

How to prepare if the Biology Model Exam was a failure?

Many students after their model exam get depressed if they perform poorly in the subject. This put the students in stress which looses their confidence and peace of mind and they will not be able to concentrate on their studies. The student should also give importance to physics .The basic concepts of the subjects should be studied in detail. For this the students should thoroughly read the text books and note down important points. These points will help the students during final revision prior to the time of their exam and also help them to understand the concepts and remember important points very easily and quickly.

The students can prepare for the board exam with previous years question papers and question banks .The text book for biology by national council of educational research and training, has sample questions at the end of each chapter. The students can work out these questions and can prepare well for the exam. The students can include diagrams and figures to support their answer which will fetch them more marks.

How to prepare if Biology Model Exam was a success?

Some students will be over confident if they score well in the model examination. This may prevent them from preparing well for the final examination. The candidate should always keep in mind that the final exam determines his future and success in career. The students should learn, revise and cover the entire syllabus for the exam. After studying the entire portions the student can conduct model test by his own with the previous question papers. This will help the student to identify which all portions and topics need extra effort and preparation and also help to manage the time properly.

Tips and Tricks to prepare for the Biology Exam

These are some of the tips the students can make use of at the time of their exams:

  • Be familiar with each topics and concepts
  • Prepare short notes on important topics and derivations
  • Revise the entire syllabus for at least four times.

Sample question papers are available in the official website of Central Board of Secondary Education. This helps the students to be familiar with the pattern of questions and they can manage time and can also gain confidence



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    I have heard from some comp students that biology is very hard and the questions in board are not from text but from reference books.Should i study reference books of biology for 12th board preparation.
    is 12th easier than 11th biology.
    Pls help me.

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    Rajan sharma:

    How can i score gud wid help of only last minute study in bio…