How to Prepare For CBSE 12th Business Studies Exam?


The best way to perform in the business studies exam is to go through the notes frequently. The exam will have a time period of 3 hours and the paper will have 100 marks.  They can spend time practicing on model papers or conducting study sessions from time to time with their friends or teachers. Apart from this, students also require a good understanding about the principles as well as the diverse practices that are followed in Business studies.

How to prepare if the Business Studies Model Exam was a failure?

If the exam was a failure, there is no need to get depressed. Writing models will ascertain that the students have a good idea about the syllabus and pattern of the upcoming examination. Apart from this, it will also do the students more good if they take time to go through each part of their text books. They can also highlight important topics when they study. Later they can combine all this and create a question bank or answer booklet.

How to prepare if Business Studies Model Exam was a success?

There is no reason for one to get over confident if the exam went well. In fact, the model exam is only a prelude to what is to come.  Practicing on model papers daily will give them more confidence and they will be able to write the paper well.

Tips and Tricks for the Business Studies Exam

  • Remember to note down crucial points or later.
  • Try to attend and solve all questions given at the end of each chapter.
  • Practice on sample papers. This will give you a good idea about what you are going to face.
  • Select an appropriate atmosphere for studying for English Exam
  • When studying, students need to make sure that they are sitting in a quiet atmosphere. If they get distracted they won’t be able to focus on their studies. If they wish, students can also study in a library.
  • Make notes while studying for Business Studies Exam
  • When studying for the exam, students can write down important points in the side or in a spare piece of paper. This will help them later.
  • Solve papers of Business Studies Exam
  • Question papers of the preceding years can be bought or printed from the internet. It can also be got from students who have taken this exam earlier.
  • Write and Present well
  • Students must ensure that they write the exams in an impressive as well as understandable manner.  They must also make sure that they write the answers speedily; otherwise they might get no time to answer all questions.
  • Never malpractice in Exam hall
  • Students are cautioned to never engage in malpractice during the exams. In case they are caught, they will get debarred. As a consequence, they won’t be allowed to appear for the other exams.

Prescribed Books for Business Studies Exam

  • NCERT text books
  • Business Studies by C.B Gupta
  • Jagdish Sharma’s  Prachi Business Studies For Class XII
  • Richard Parsons’  A2-Level Business Studies Revision Guide

Another thing that will help students is the CBSE Sample papers. These can be taken from the internet. These question papers are the best one can get and this will be of great help for students.



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