North Eastern Hill University Lateral entry in ECE Entrance Exam 2012


Lateral entry entrance exams are carried out for the selection of candidates directly in to the second year of the engineering degree. Lateral entry in ECE Entrance Exam is one among such examinations carried out by North Eastern Hill University.  Through this examination, diploma holders can pursue engineering degree in ECE in any of the engineering colleges under the University. Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering (under North Eastern Hill University) are responsible to carry out the examination. The candidates who pass the written examination should get through an interview to get admission to the course.

Structure of North Eastern Hill University Lateral entry in ECE Entrance Exam

The lateral entry entrance examination carried out by NEHU is of one hour duration. There will a total of 50 questions. One mark is awarded for each question and the so the total marks awarded for the test is 50. The question paper may include application as well as analysis model questions. The model of the question paper is of objective type.

Syllabus of North Eastern Hill University Lateral entry in ECE Entrance Exam

Electronics Devices and Circuits

  • Bipolar transistor & their circuits
  • Conductors
  • Conventional representation of electric & electronics circuits
  • Electrical properties
  • Electronics devices and their applications
  • Field effect transistor
  • Insulator
  • Magnetic materials
  • MOSFET circuits application
  • Multistage transistor amplifier
  • Multi-vibrator circuits
  • Operational amplifier
  • Oscillators
  • Semi conductor physics
  • Semiconductor
  • Semiconductor diode
  • Single stage transistor amplifier
  • Transistor audio power amplifier
  • Transistor biasing stabilization of operating point
  • Tuned voltage amplifier
  • Types of relays, switches and connectors
  • Wave shaping and switching circuits

Digital Techniques

  • Applications /Advantages of digital system
  • Arithmetic Circuits
  • Codes and Parity
  • Counters
  • De- multiplexers
  • Decoders
  • Display Devices and Associated Circuits
  • Latches and Flip Flops
  • Logic Gates
  • Logic Simplification
  • Memories A/D and D/A converters
  • Multiplexers
  • Number system (binary and hexadecimal)
  • Shift Registers


  • Introduction to Microwave Devices
  • Modulation
  • De –modulation
  • AM, FM and PM modulator/demodulator
  • Pulse modulation

Network, Filters and Transmission Lines

  • Attenuators
  • Filters
  • Principles of impedance matching
  • Transmission line equation
  • Transmission Lines
  • Two port network

Instruments and Measurements

  • Specification of instruments
  • Errors in measurements and loading effect
  • Power control devices & circuits
  • Principles of voltage, current and resistance measurements
  • Transducers
  • Pressure measuring devices
  • Measurement of displacement & strain forces & torque
  • Measuring devices
  • Flow measuring devices
  • Bridges and Q- Meters

Control System

  • Basic elements of control system
  • Concept of feedback
  • Nyquist criterion
  • Open and closed loop system
  • Phase margin and gain margin
  • Relative stability
  • Routh Hurwitz criteria
  • Routh’s table
  • Single feedback configuration
  • Stability Analysis Characteristics equation
  • Time response of systems
  • Transfer function of simple control components


  • Addressing Mode
  • Architecture of Microprocessors
  • Concept of Instruction set
  • Concept of interrupt Data
  • DMA
  • Memories and I/O Interfacing
  • Programming exercises in assembly language
  • Typical organization of a microprocessor system & functions

Eligibility Criteria

Aspirants who possess a pass in electronics diploma can apply for the course. The diploma exam must be passed from any of the educational institutions recognized under the Directorate of Technical Education. The candidate should possess minimum 50% marks in the qualifying examination.

How to Apply?

The application forms can be collected either from the administrative office of the University or from the office of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, NEHU. This can also be obtained from the official website of NEHU. The candidate should an amount of Rs. 300/- as application fee. This must be paid in the name of North-Eastern Hill University (in the form of DD or bank cheque). Those who need the application form via post should sent a request along with the DD of Rs. 300/- and a postal stamp of Rs. 40/-. They must also sent a self-addressed postal cover of 20cm x 30cm size. Once the form is received, the same must be filled legibly. This must be submitted in time through either online or offline method.

How to fill the Form?

  • Read the prospectus clearly
  • Fill the form in accordance with the guidelines given
  • Enter exact details in the application form
  • Fill the application completely
  • Put signature of the candidate in the back side of DD

Important Dates (Tentative)

[Please note that we only provide tentative dates based on previous years dates. For exact dates related information it is always best to check official websites only.]

Last date for submission of application form: Second week of June, 2012

Date of Exam of Entrance Test: Second week of July, 2012

List of North Eastern Hill University Lateral entry in ECE Entrance Exam Test Centers

North Eastern Hill University

Contact Address for North Eastern Hill University Lateral entry in ECE Entrance Exam

  • Address: North-Eastern Hill University, Umshing Mawkynroh Shillong 793022, Meghalaya
  • Phone : (0364) 2721001/2550101
  • Fax: (0364) 2550076

Colleges Accepting North Eastern Hill University Lateral entry in ECE Entrance Exam Score

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, NEHU and Engineering Colleges affiliated under NEHU

Reference Books on North Eastern Hill University Lateral entry in ECE Entrance Exam

  • Basic Electronics - B.L. Theraja
  • Electricity and Magnetism - M. Narayanamoorthi and Others
  • Electricity and Magnetism - R. Murugeshan
  • Electricity and Magnetism - Brijlal & Subrahmanyam, Ratan Prakashan Mandir
  • Electronic Circuits and Systems - Y.N. Bapat
  • Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory - R. Boylestad & L. Nashelsky
  • Electronic Devices and Circuits - G.K. Mithal
  • Electronic Devices and Circuits - J.P. Agarwal & Amit Agarwal
  • Hand Book of Electronics - Gupta & Kumar
  • Introduction to Integrated Electronics - V. Vijayendran, S.Viswanathan
  • Linear Integrated Circuits - D. Roy Choudhury & Shail Jain
  • Principles of Electronics - V.K. Mehta
  • Fundamentals of Electricity and Magnetism - B.D. Duggal & C.L. Chhabra

Coaching Centers for North Eastern Hill University Lateral entry in ECE Entrance Exam

  • Best Education Centre
  • Career Avenue
  • Career Forum Elite Academy
  • Ascent Education
  • Magnus
  • Bulls Eye
  • Global Educational Trust
  • Aakash Institutes
  • CET Tutorials Pvt. Ltd
  • Career Launcher India Ltd
  • Prime Centre
  • AIMS
  • Success Guru
  • Capital Institute of Competition Training
  • T.I.M.E (Triumphant Institute of Management Education Pvt. Ltd)

Study Plan

  • Set up a proper time table for study
  • Prepare the study plan in accordance with the syllabus
  • Point out important topics and keywords
  • Follow the time table regularly
  • Revise all topics before examination

How and Where To Get the Results?

The result of North Eastern Hill University Lateral entry in ECE Entrance Exam can be obtained from the official website of the University.

Score Validity

The score validity of North Eastern Hill University Lateral entry in ECE Entrance Exam will be only for 1 year.



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