Quality Auditor - How to become a Quality Auditor?


Quality audit is the procedure of the examination of a quality system systematically by an audit team. It can also be performed by an external or internal quality auditor. Quality auditing can be considered to be an important part of checking the quality management system. Apart from this, it is also a core aspect in the standard of the ISO quality system. One can say that the main responsibility of a quality auditor is to help in all features for the audit program of the internal quality systems. This also includes audit planning, execution and follow-up. Re-audit is also done if it is found that it is necessary.

Who is Eligible to Apply

The fundamental qualification that is needed by an individual to become a Quality Editor is a graduate degree. Students of Commerce will comparatively find this subject easy to study. Students must be above the age of 18 years when they apply for the course.

Key Points in the Process

  • Individuals must pass class 10+2 from an accepted institution.
  • They must have a graduate degree from any discipline. (Students of B.Com will find their studies easier).
  • Students who have done their postgraduation (M.Com) can also apply for the course in Quality Auditing.

Skills and Responsibilities

Individuals require good verbal as well as written communication skills. They also need good interpersonal skills. Quality auditors need to be organized and they require being attentive to detail. Apart from all this, they have got to be able to work in pressure. A few of the responsibilities of auditors include helping with the creation of gap analysis for any changed or new regulations. They must maintain files that are generated after each audit. Their responsibilities extend to supplying of quality systems for on-site audit. As one might be aware of, they must also Plan, prepare and execute an audit report when required. It is also their responsibility to formally record the finding after each audit and present them when requested. Numerous job opportunities are available for students once they finish their studies. A few areas where quality auditors can get jobs include:

  • Audit Jobs in Financial Service Firms
  • Freelancing
  • Retail industry Audit Jobs
  • Risk Management Jobs

Other areas where quality auditors can find employment comprise of educational institutions and other governmental or private firms.



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