Financial Internal Auditor - How to become a Financial Internal Auditor?


Financial Internal Auditors are professionals who deal with the internal auditing works of a company. Aspirants who have studied the Financial Internal Auditing programs and completed the internship thereafter can work as Financial Internal Auditors. These professionals evaluate and scrutinize fiscal records and formulate pecuniary reports of the organization they are working with. In their day-to-day affairs, internal auditors assess the consistency of monetary reporting and safeguard the assets of the conglomerate.

Qualifying Exam

In order to become a Financial Internal Auditor, aspirants have to study the post graduation program in finance, accounting, business administration or related fields. Those who have studied the Certified Internal Auditor course from Institute of internal Auditors can also become the same. A graduation in the finance, commerce or respective fields is enough for entry-level jobs. However, they should have done the program from a certified institute. After completion of their course, they have to do internship in any accounting firm so as to get practical experience. This may really help them in their career. Financial Internal Auditors can seek out for career in auditing firms, financial conglomerates, banking sector and so on. Most of them prefer private practice as it is more profitable.

Who is eligible to apply?

Graduates in finance, accounting or related fields can pursue the post graduation program in the relevant fields. They must clear a PG entrance test in addition for getting postgraduate admissions in colleges. Those who have studied the intermediate course can study the graduation program in commerce, finance or concerned areas.

Key Points in the process

  • Study the intermediate course in any streams.
  • Pursue the graduation course in finance or related fields.
  • Earn a post graduation program in financial internal auditing or respective fields.
  • Carry out the internship in auditing.
  • Apply for jobs in public sector or in private conglomerates.

Skills and responsibilities of a Financial Internal Auditor

In addition to the technical knowledge, financial internal auditors should be up to date with the current financial policies and regulations. They should have special skills like intellectual ability and should be capable of making good financial decisions at times of uncertainties. It is the prime responsibility of a Financial Internal Auditor to assist the management to evaluate the efficiency of controls based on synchronized data.



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