Research fields in Bio-Technology course


Biotechnology is a course which deals with biology and includes the various exercises of bioprocesses with living organisms in the development and research of bioproducts. The bioproducts are developed as a result of bioprocesses in engineering, technology and medicine. The study of genes, cells and tissue are all part of biotechnology. Any technical procedure which utilizes biological organisms or biological systems to develop something new is what bio technology is all about. The application of biotechnology extends from medicine, gene therapy, agriculture, animal biotechnology, biological engineering to biodegradation. A graduate in biotechnology has immense opportunities to excel in various fields.

You can find good number of colleges providing courses in biotechnology all around India. The biotechnology students have to gain enough practical knowledge along with the theoretical concepts about the subjects. The scope for this particular course is very high and immense opportunities are available for graduates. After graduation there are post graduation courses available in biotechnology. The students can also do research in biotechnology in addition to the regular course.

Research in biotechnology

Doing research in biotechnology is always an additional benefit for students in biotechnology. The research will enhance the practical knowledge of the students. There are many institutions such as the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology which provides immense opportunities for students to conduct research. As biotechnology is growing as a driving reason behind the development of medicines, food processing and other chemicals more research in this subject will not only enhance the knowledge of the students but also may result in new findings beneficial for the society.

The employment opportunities in this field are immense which is mainly research oriented. Hence the individuals need to have higher degrees namely PhD and all to excel in this field. The correct research area can be mainly found out only after understanding the current trend in this field. Some of the fields where in the research are applicable are-

  • Agro Biotechnology research
  • Food Biotechnology research
  • Pharmaceuticals research
  • Chemical research etc

This is a field which offers a wide range of job opportunities. The qualified professionals can get in to the job profiles such as scientists, research assistants, senior scientist etc. The graduation degree in this field will help an individual in getting a job in various biotechnology labs etc. The job opportunities in this field are growing immensely. The individuals should go in for higher qualifications in this area such as a PhD etc for getting in higher level positions.



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