University of Bikaner, Bikaner


The university was established in the year 2003 under the University of Bikaner Act 2003. The main objective behind the establishment was to facilitate education and research work in the northern Rajasthan. The main aim was to cater to the educational needs of the population and the university achieves it through intense teaching, research and various extension programs. Presently, it has around 250 affiliated colleges in various regions and districts of Rajasthan like Hanumnagarsh, Churu, Sriganganagar and Bikaner. 14 out of the affiliated colleges are government colleges and the others are privately owned and run. The university envisions the undertaking of various courses like post graduate and undergraduate teaching, intensive research and doctoral programs, courses for teachers in colleges, having well equipped laboratories and a library with the major equipments, job oriented courses with programs like foreign language, communication skills, information technology etc.

Various faculties are there in the university like the faculty of arts, law, science, commerce, education, management etc. it offers various professional courses, diploma courses etc. The university also provides research facilities to its students and has recognized difference supervisors for research in different disciplines and areas of concern. A number of students have also been registered for the research work. A separate Research Committee has also been established with the Vice Chancellor being the Chairman. In order to ensure quality research work, the students have to give a successful presentation before the Committee of Research in order to be registered for research based programs.

The campus is set up on a land of 1127.07 bighas in Shrah Nathania village. It is located at about 2 km from the city of Bikaner. This location was allotted by the state government.

All the affiliated colleges have their own libraries with huge collection of books, magazines and journals to equip the students with their necessary weapons. The university as such has the law of department of its own with its own library.



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