UPSC Geologists Exam General English Papers


The study concerned with the dynamics, structure and evolution such as natural energy, mineral resources etc are called Geology. UPSC exam is conducted in two stages, one is the written exam and the other is the interview. There are five papers and the first one is the English paper.

Sectional Division

There are no sectional divisions in this paper and marks of the questions vary with the length.

Pattern of the Question Paper

There are no divisions in this question paper. A total of five questions are there and questions may carry more than one part and some questions also provide options. The first question is writing essay of approximately four hundred words. A total of five topics would be provided and the candidate is supposed to write the essay on any one topic. The second question carries a long passage and the candidate has to write a summary of that passage whose length should be one third of the original length. The third question is letter writing and it has two options, i.e. two topics are provided and any one topic is to be selected for writing the letter. The fourth question carries two parts. In the first part there are five pairs of words provided and one needs to distinguish between the pair of words by using it in a sentence so that its meaning clearly comes out. The second part is correcting the sentences. The fifth question carries three parts, the first is making sentences, second part has few sentences and the candidate is to write one word for those sentences and last part has few phrases and one need to construct sentences with those phrases so that its meaning comes out clearly.

Marks Allocation

The total marks in this paper is one hundred. The first questions of essay writing carries thirty marks. The second question that is summary writing is of twenty five marks. The third question which is letter writing is of ten marks. The fourth question has two parts, each part has five questions and each question carries five marks that is a total of ten marks. The fifth question has three sub parts with five questions each of one marks, i.e. fifteen marks in all, thereby summing up to a total of hundred.

Time Duration

The time allocated for this paper is two hours.

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