UPSC Mains Indian Languages Compulsory Marathi Paper I Papers


Marathi is the state language of Maharashtra state in India. Now this particular language has been included in the syllabus for UPSC as it helps test the knowledge of their regional language abilities, which on a larger scale is important for any candidate who wishes to get through UPSC.

Importance Of The Subject:

India is a divided nation. Any Indian has two sides to himself or herself- that of their region who very easily adopt to the language and the culture of their region. On the other hand, to get uniformity all Indians know English and Hindi. Thus, through this exam the UPSC board tests the vernacular qualities of the candidates.

Paper Pattern generally seen in UPSC Marathi Paper I exam

The entire paper consists of long type questions and has been divided into two parts-

SECTION A- it deals with long answer types questions asked randomly to give explanations for the lines mentioned in the questions.

SECTION B- it deals with long answer type questions with regards to a number of prose pieces.

Now the most essential thing is to answer these questions with a precision. These questions are for 60 marks each. The first and the last question are compulsory the rest are optional.

Marks And Time Alloted for this  Exam

The entire paper carries 300 marks and a total time of three hours to finish the entire paper.

Reference Books for Marathi

The best books would be to buy the UPSC Marathi series available at a number of renowned stores.

Some Tips For The Paper

The most important variety of questions asked is the long answer type questions. These questions can get really tricky at times and need to be answered with a lot of attention. To answer these questions perfectly you need to answer the language with a lot of ease and comfort to reflect brilliance in your answer writing style.

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