Why Potential of Diploma Course not being recognized?


There are many individuals who have clear cut aim regarding their career and the type of courses that they need to enter in to. Many candidates are dreaming to build a career in the engineering field. The engineering field gives in the candidates different choices regarding the specialization that they can take in. The number of seats in the engineering section being limited which forces the candidates to enter in to Diploma courses (Polytechnic) in the same field. The major question arises here is that whether the Polytechnic or Diploma in engineering that many of the students undertake will be as effective as a full-time or regular engineering program?

The objective of the course will be to get in all the important benefits or get accustomed to all those career opportunities which any other normal engineering student may get in. But the whole situation is entirely different. The opportunities are limited in this area of study where in many of the prospective employers do not regard it as a potential qualification itself.

An advantage that this program gives is a chance to enter in to the engineering field directly in to the second year of graduation. For this again the candidates have to attend the entrance exam to qualify for this scheme of lateral entry. The major question being if the candidate is not able to get in the benefits and career opportunities which they had expected from a course of Polytechnic or Diploma then what is the relative meaning in pursuing this course. Why can’t they go in for some other potential courses apart from diploma if they wish to build in a successful career down the line if the credibility of the course is doubted and they do not get in the recognition which they deserve?

There is no doubt that the polytechnic degree may give in knowledge to the candidates in all the basic engineering concepts related to the particular stream of specialization that they may have taken in. The area of knowledge may be both in the theoretical aspects as well as the practical aspects.

Important Facts!

In the state of Kerala a diploma degree is not considered as an important qualification for the recruitment of candidates in many of government jobs on a whole. According to a recent survey which has been conducted it has been clear that a diploma degree in computer application and business management is one of themost sought after courses all over the state. This course is very popular among some of the most important polytechnic college under the state government. This is a course which is conducted by the state board of technical education. This course is administered mainly in the top most government polytechnic colleges in the state and is in high demand among the students.

Growing ignorance!

Even though the diploma courses have the approval of the All India Council of Technical education it is the state government that is still not considering this as a potential course. There is a high demand from the part of the students to consider this as a potential course. The growing ignorance is only from the part of the government companies where in they are not ready to place or give in the job opportunities to the diploma holders. When we observe the private sector on a whole, many of the companies in diverse sectors are selecting the candidates for various positions in customer care centers, sales executives, sales coordinators, marketing executives etc. Since the computer applications and management diploma is a highly demanding area the private firms utilize the services of these candidates to the maximum by offering them job opportunities in all possible ways. This degree in a way helps to meet the technical aspects of the business in the present times.

Importance of This course!

As already the relative importance of this course comes in because the course structure is designed in a way to meet all the technical changes of the particular industry that it serves. When we take the case of Computer technology and management covers both the aspects in a good way. The computer technology program covers all the important aspects of IT with strong base in data base management, automation software’s, accountancy, business management etc.

The concept of management is a growing in every sense, Hence in this course also a strong emphasis should be given to management related education in the diploma course also. Most of the engineering graduates always think of management education as an important base for the career progress. Hence in short, a combination of the computer technology together with management related studies is regarded as high by many of the private firms.

A Diploma in Computer applications and management is certainly a creative and new program which has the correct blend of technology with management related aspects. The importance and advantages of the management related programs cannot be ignored as it is very significant in the effective decision making of an organization and also from a personal point of view. Hence this course helps the individual students to take the most significant decisions at the correct time with regard to their career domains.

There are many challenges that this course has to face. There is shortage in the number teachers in the field of academics to impart value education in this regard. The candidates can only get in to god knowledge in this area only if they qualified and skilled individuals in the field of academics. Apart from all these, the job prospects after this course remains high. There is a growing demand and complaint from the students and teachers in the area of diploma course is that the qualified candidates in this area are not considered for government job opportunities that arise.

Some of the potential job categories for which they can be considered are traffic and commercial apprentice, good guard, clerks, accounts assistant etc. Also they can be used as potential trainers in vocational higher secondary schools as computer teachers and also the same post of trainers in the management area jobs such as book keeping, accounting, insurance, marketing, public relations etc. Hence in future there may be situations where in the candidates who have done their diploma will also be considered proficient for all the government job opportunities that arise in.



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