Bachelor of Anthropology


Anthropology is one of the off beat subjects, and even one of the old one. There are a lot of people who are interested in this subject and that is the reason that various kinds of courses of various levels are being offered in this subject. One of the courses offered is bachelor of anthropology.

Under this course, students are taught various ways in which they learn about the fraternity and the brotherhood of the society. The course lays its interest upon the human society and teaches its aspects in various ways. With various aspects, it means the evolution pathway, various cultures and trends, various languages and traits etc. it also contains study of the archaeological aspect of the society.

One needs to be at least 10 + 2 passed in order to be eligible for the course of Bachelor of Anthropology. The 10 + 2 passing certificate should be of a well recognised educational Board of India. Interest in history or ancient science can be beneficial if one wants to pursue a career in this discipline.

Course Outlook:

The course duration of bachelor of Anthropology is not fixed. It varies depending on the college and universities. Generally the course is of 3 years.

Job Prospects:

The candidates that have earned the bachelor’s degree can opt for teaching line in various Anthropology departments of different Institutes and Universities. The candidates are also recruited as museum curatorial works, eco-tourisms, conservation work and in various Non Government Organizations dedicated for global development as well as national development.

Best places to pursue:

University of Delhi

Madras University



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