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The field of engineering that deals with the conversion of the raw materials into useful products with the aid of Chemical methods along with the knowledge obtained from Physical and Life Sciences is known as Chemical Engineering. Mathematic principles are also incorporated in product designing. The rapid growth of the Chemical Engineering has taken place during the industrialization phase. Thus it has resulted in the replacement of the products with chemically obtained products as they are cheaper, convenient and easier to manufacture. Due to this, the significance and the benefits of Chemical Engineering cannot be ignored.

Chemical engineering involves working with the chemicals to manufacture products in a much simpler and easier way. This field of engineering plays an important role as it takes part in the production of medicines, extracted metals, paints, glass, fertilizers, plastic products, dyes and petroleum products.

Job Profiles in Chemical Engineering

There are numerous job opportunities for those who have completed their bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. Several manufacturing industries offer job opportunities for Chemical Engineers. They can also work in diverse fields such as health services, business etc. They can also do research in fields like nanotechnology, biotechnology etc. Chemical Engineering graduate can find employment in both private as well as government firms. The salary packages may differ with the job profiles.

  • Lecturer
  • Chemical Engineers
  • Operations Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Project Engineer
  • Project Manager

Career Opportunities in Public sector

The Government sector offers enormous job opportunities for Chemical Engineering graduates. They can find employment in atomic power plants, petroleum industries, refineries and health research institutes. Several openings are available for chemical Engineers in synthetic fiber manufacturing plants, explosives etc. The government of India appoints Chemical engineers for finding solutions for various environmental issues such as waste treatment, recycling, energy conservations, environmental pollution etc. They can also find job opportunities in the field of biotechnology and nanotechnology. Some of the public sector companies that offer job opportunities for a Chemical engineering graduates are listed below.

  • ISRO
  • SAIL
  • BARC
  • ONGC
  • IOCL

Career opportunities in Private sector

Chemical engineering graduates have high demand in private sector companies also. The nature of the job depends on the type of the industry. Graduates in Chemical Engineering can also work in manufacturing industries and mineral industries. Some of them establish their own business like manufacturing, processing etc. Chemical Engineers can get into jobs like supervising the manufacturing plants, Chemical equipment designing and manufacturing of chemical substances.

Career Opportunities Abroad

A skilled professional in the field of Chemical engineering can easily get into the leading foreign chemical firms. Such personals get the opportunity to have a great future with huge payroll. They usually get sufficient funds for extensive research as well.

Salary Range

Most of the public sector firms offer a salary that ranges from Rs 25,000/- to Rs 60,000/- per month. Sometimes it exceeds this range. But private sector firms offer much more scope for research and seminar. Those who have experience in this relevant field have great value in India as well as abroad and they are capable of drawing huge salary.



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  1. 30

    im chemical engg student .i was failed for 3 years in chemical engg degrr but i want to job in gov secter .but which criter is allowable for hpcl, ong,gail pleas tell us me

  2. 29

    Is it affect by doing chemical engineering from an average college?which type of job opportunities we can get by doing this?what is the syllabus of b.e.

  3. 28
    Md zahid hussain khan:

    Sir, let me tell that what type of job are provided for chemical engineers in sail after cracking this entrance test . Plz sir repply soon

  4. 27

    I am student of Be.chemical in 2nd year now. I want to know, is there any opportunity for chemical eng. in inaian air force ?

  5. 26

    Please tell me the govt jobs on the basis of 3 years chemical diploma.

  6. 25

    hii …. i complt my chemical engg wit 76% in 2009 but still i m searching job if der is any opening means let me know pay doesnt matter first i have to learn somethung in my field.

  7. 24
    anudeep kumar:

    sir, is the chemical engineering best for girls or another one . i am asking for my daughter

  8. 23

    1.sir,i completed my from chem engg in 2008,and completed my in gas engineering,2010.and workes as an adhoc faculty in nit,warangal,a.p for one give me guidance for my future,which way i have to godeep into the oil./gas/indutry..and more over freshers are not recruted in oil and gas companies.
    2.i am interested in teaching, is it necessary to do ph.d or there are any colleges taking as an asst.professor with out phd on permanat basis.if any colleges are there please send me the list.
    3.pleasae send me the list of jobs for freshers in oil and gas field in india/usa.
    4.if i need to go for phd .currently which areas are better.
    please send me reply so that i can go ahead with my future plan and career.
    thanking you sir

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    i want details for chemical engg .entrance exam and last date for apply entrance exam for me plz reply me to my email address….and tell me, is chemical engg is good for girls…n what is starting package??/
    thank you
    respected sir/madam

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    i am final year chemical student, can i go for higher studies or opt for a job.. pls rply me.

  12. 19

    can i do chem. eng. after intermediate .sir,

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    i want the details for chemcial engg.entrance exam and last date for apply entrance exam for me pls reply me to my email address.sir please.
    thank you,
    yours sincerely,

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    How to prepare forchemical engineering exams?which type of questions?please tell me.

  15. 16

    In chemical engineering which type of jobs are there?please
    tell me.

  16. 15

    what type of raw materials?

  17. 14

    i want the details for chemcial engg.entrance exam and last date for apply entrance exam for my sister pls reply me to my email address.sir please.
    thank you,
    yours sincerely,

  18. 13

    Myself Chemical Engineer(mumbaI UNIV),
    Let me tell you people choose the branch by what you state of mind can attain as well as future scenario,
    1.Yes Chemical engineering is classical branch without application of chemistry, So anyone highly interested in chemistry dont Ever opt for chemical engineering!!Its a Fact..Better do mSC in chemistry…Coz chemical engg deals with physics ,high level mathematics & High level logical decesions.
    2.Usa is the country invent the branch of chemical engg coz they have high reserves of chemical & capital,So From india you are highly talented with chemical engg subjects & have high capital in your family USA is the the heaven for chemical enggs(Provided u have read every subject of chemical engg like a bible !!)
    3.Payment for chemical enggs in india is very low equal to sales or marketing person So get ready for slogging…Morever The avergae Start is Rs.12000-15000 (proccesing plants) for freshers after 3 to 4 years experience you will get a very good hike provided you dont leave a company.
    4.For people seeking social craze, meeting new ppal,seeing beautiful world,enjoying with high profile party… Then Chemical engg nevers sees this he onlyy sees Machines for whole life !!!
    5. Ever thought why after 20 years to 15 years of experience People from chemical engineering leave their jobs and start teaching in colleges or get in to owing private classes???
    >>> Because these ppal are fed up of their job seeing machines,chemicals ,pollution,greases alll yaakss stuff so they leave it….!!! its a fact….
    6.The dangerous fact is chemical engineering will be in verge of extinction!! after 10 years… As the natural reserves are depleting people are turning to biological waste and genetics for production of bio-chemicals!! So no doubt new branch coming to evole is bio technology…(fact)
    7.never go for what people say a I have read thread.. oil & petrols requiring chemical engg high demand???/ Any one know that in petroleum industry about 90% are mechanical enggineeer , 7% electrical enggss and remaning 5-6% chemical enggss that to with more than 20+ years experience!!!
    An everyone knows petrol are non-renewable so do the jobs for petroleum limited ppal….no expansion… unless you find a new rig in middle east …
    Conclusion is up to to you…. statics here are for real’… Better take a decesion on global scenario …. because life is only once to give it to what is important chemical or the people…
    So here is good news If you are chemical engg dont advice anyone to study chemical engg in future…..

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    pratiksha gharat:

    can i do job in production

  20. 11
    sonia joshi:

    can i do chem. eng. after bsc

  21. 10
    Rajnish Soni:

    Actually I missed an MEB paper in 2nd yr examination and got a year back.Will I be able to get a job through Campus Selection. I’m a student in Govt.Poly. Gorakhpur
    PLZ reply
    Thank you!

  22. 9
    krushna h:

    i am in B.E.chemical plz send any post exam required for maharastra goverment job at my email

  23. 8
    Shrikaant Padule:

    In Pune university which colleges have ‘Doploma in Chemicle Engineering’ courses and ‘Degree in Chemicle Engineering’ . Please send the list.

  24. 7

    What are the top engineering colleges in south india , that has in mechatronics.?

  25. 6

    What are the prospects for a graduate engineer who has qualified in the Biomedical Engineering branch? What is the aptitude required of a candidate who wishes to pursue a course in Biomedical Engineering post 10 + 2?

  26. 5
    santan singh:

    Dear sir,
    pls give iformation about %. how many %(pre) requredfor this field

  27. 4
    amol pimpalshende:

    I am the student of 2nd year chemical engineering .I want to do training in R.C.F. but I do not find how to contact through mail .Please send me detail about that.

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    Is there any government field like Navy,Air force,Army,Railways..or other..which require chem. Engineer???

  29. 2

    Please tell me the difference betweem Polymer Engineering and Chemical Engineering

    Which is better

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    Maulik shah:

    I want to knw that ,aftr BE/B.TECH , in which field should try for job..? Is any goverment field like Navy,airforce..or other..requir chem. Engg.