Difference between a Rheumatologists and a Pulmonologist


Both the Rheumatologists and the Pulmonologists are the medical professionals who diagnose and give treatments to the patients. Even though they are medical professionals, their job nature and the field in which they work differs entirely. Rheumatologists are the medical practitioners who give treatments to the patients suffering with arthritis and concerned problems. Pulmonologists are the medical professionals who treat the problems related with cardio-pulmonary system and lungs.

Rheumatologists Course and Career opportunities

Rheumatology is the subfield in the internal medicine and pediatrics. This field focuses in the diagnosis and treatment of several conditions that may affect muscles, joints and bones. Medical practitioners who specialize in this field are called Rheumatologists. Usually the patients are referred to the rheumatologist by the physicians whom they try to meet first, if they are found with the symptoms of arthritis.

The rheumatologists’ treatment does not include any surgical procedures. They mainly deal with the problems that occur in joints, vasculities, soft tissues, etc. These medical practitioners will have special skills in the treatment of more than 100 types of arthritis. They can also specialize in pediatrics. The pediatric rheumatologists focus in the treatment of comprehensive rheumatic problems in children. Like all other medical professionals, rheumatologists also need higher graduation, internship programmes and residency trainings.

Pulmonologist Course and Career opportunities

Pulmonary is also the specialty in internal medicine which involves the treatment of diseases in respiratory organs and other related problems. The field is also called chest medicine or respiratory medicine. Practitioners who specialize in pulmonary medicine are called Pulmonologists. They focus in the treatment and diagnosis of patients with problems or abnormalities in lungs and cardio-pulmonary systems which include heart, blood vessels and the organs that function together to help an individual’s breathe.

They mainly treat the breathing disorders, but some of them may also specialize in sleep disorders, critical allergies and other lung related conditions. They may also specialize in significant care medicine. They may be also called as asthma specialists. The general physicians will refer patients with asthma or any respiratory problems to the pulmonologists for further treatments.

Key differentiators between a Rheumatologists and a Pulmonologist

  • Rheumatologists are the medical practitioners who specialize in the analysis and treatment of arthritis and related problems whereas Pulmonologists are the medical professionals who specialize in the treatment of problems related to the respiratory system and cardio-pulmonary system.
  • Rheumatologists’ treatment does not include any surgical procedures whereas Pulmonologists may involve in minor surgeries together with other surgical physicians.

Although rheumatologists and pulmonologists are the medical practitioners dealing with the internal medicine, their job nature and related issues are different in many aspects.



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