Difference between Diabetologist and Endocrinologist


Diabetes is the popularly known disease among the people due to the prevalence of fast food culture today. Various other serious health problems which can affect diabetic patients are obesity, heart diseases and stroke. Therefore it is very essential to consult a doctor in the early stage of the diabetes itself. The patients can approach either diabetologist or endocrinologist for the treatment. Diabetologists are the physicians who treat only diabetic patients. But endocrinologists are the physicians who specialized in endocrinology and treat the disease which affect on the endocrine organs. As diabetes is one of the endocrinology problems, endocrinologists can give treatment for the diabetic patients.

Diabetologist and opportunities

Diabetologist are usually employed in hospitals to treat the patients who come to the hospitals with various diabetic problems. They can work in either private or government hospitals according to their interest and work experience. Various health care centers also hire the service of diabetologists. Those who have enough work experience as diabetologist can work independently as consultants.

Endocrinologist and opportunities

Endocrionlogists can work in various hospitals which have the facilities to treat various endocrinology problems. Usually private hospitals give more salary to endocrinologists than government hospitals. Therefore it is better to join private hospitals if the endocrinologists are looking for a lucrative career opportunity. They can also work in various health care centers and give treatment for different endocrinology problems. They can perform the role of private consultants if they have good work experience as endocrinologist. They can also pursue their career in research field so as to find out new treatment methods.

Key difference between Diabetologist and Endocrinologist

  • Diabetologists treat only diabetic patients while endocrinologists give treatment for the patients having endocrinology problems.
  • To become a Diabetologist one should have M.D degree in General Medicine. But Endocrynologists need to have D.M degree in Endocrynology.

Even though both of them are physicians, their method of treatment are slightly different. Diabetologists can give treatment for the patients who are suffering from early or higher stages of diabetes. But endocrinologists do not suggest any detailed treatment plan for the diabetic patients as they treat them as a part of treating endocrinology problems.



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