Difference between IAS and IES


The Civil Services offers an attractive and challenging career to the ambitious, the aspiring and the talented, with a wide variety of jobs having relatively greater sphere of authority and power than any other services in India. The Indian Engineering Services (IES) are the Technological Services that meet the technical and executive functions of the Indian Government.

IAS course and opportunities

The IAS Officers are employed in the administrative department of the Indian government. The Indian Administrative Service is the executive branch of the Indian Government. Candidates who are graduates from any university in India are eligible to apply for the IAS entrance exam. The officers of the IAS play an important role in managing the bureaucracy of both the Central and the State Government Those who qualify in the IAS can find employment in the fields of the Indian Revenue Service, the Indian Railway Service, the Indian Audit and Account Services etc.

IES course and opportunities

Indian Engineering Services belongs to the Technical Services department which comes under the technical and administrative functions of the Indian Government. The candidates are recruited on the basis of merit scored in the exam conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). Candidates who are applying need to have a Degree in engineering or its equivalent to apply for this course. Those candidates who clear the written exam are then called for the interview by the board. The candidates who clear the IES entrance examination can find employment in the Indian Railway Engineering service (IERS), Military Engineering Service (MES), Central Engineering Service (CES) etc.

Key differenceator between IAS and IES course

The IAS is the administrative wing of the Indian Government. It comprises of administrative jobs like - Secretary to PM, CM, Aviation, Revenue etc. The IAS belongs to the All India Services category in the civil service, where as the IES is the Technical Services wing of the Indian Government. Though both are Government services, the former is the administration sector and the latter, the technical sector.



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32 Responses to “Difference between IAS and IES”

  1. 32
    sai trinad:

    how can we select the service then after we have qualified for the ies enterence examination

  2. 31

    i m in b.tech final yr. frm electrical… which one i hav to choose ies or ias ? suggest me…. according to ur opinion..

  3. 30

    can u plzz tell me..wht are the different groups if we wont get ias…likeies,.etc..

  4. 29
    ramandeep kaur:

    What courses should I do so that I could go for Indian economic services. I have passed 12 this yr.

  5. 28
    teja bollam:

    is an aeronautical engineer eligible for writing indian engineering service examination?

  6. 27

    I am doing AMIE. But i don’t any ideas for the future.I want to prepare IES
    orIAS.So plz guide me to success iAn the exam.

  7. 26

    I am doing my B.E mech 3rd year..but i don’t any ideas for the future.But i have to do something to my native country from my degree.so plz let me know about the government entrances for the jobs in mechanical oriented areas,,,because no one from family and relatives know about this field because we are economically poor and even in education.i am going to be the first engineer from my area…sp plz help me

  8. 25

    respected ma’am/sir
    i wanted to know which one is better?GATE or IES? or doing IES after GATE is more preferrable? or one cn give both together?

  9. 24

    my date of birth is 28 -sep 1979 , am i still qualify for ias or ips if not pls. suggest how i can join these services if yes pls.suggest furthur course of action…

  10. 23

    i am a b.tech(textile chemistry) third year can i apply ias,ies.if yes then tell me syllabus.

  11. 22


  12. 21
    krishna kumar:

    can i give I E S and I A S exam togature after B TECH in mechanichal eengineering

  13. 20
    navanita das:

    respected sir / ma’am,

    I’m a production engineer. if i want to appear from IES, do i have the only alternative to appear under mechanical engg.stream? does production engg. not have any sector underb the same? i’m asking because the syllabus in IES includes mostly those part which is not common between prodn. & mech.

    thanks & rgds,
    navanita das

  14. 19
    anoop kumar:

    i am btech student of civil engg. Can i give ias exam or ies exam ?&what is the job oportunity for me after pass the exam?

  15. 18
    Mohd Hameed:

    iam an railway employee and i have completed my b.tech in eee branch and my target is to get a group A officer in indian railways what should i do for that

  16. 17

    required a entire syllabus of indian engg. Service. Plz….

  17. 16

    Are computer science engineers eligible for writting I.E.S exam ,if yes then what are the job posts to them?

  18. 15
    ravi kishore:

    please tell the govt examination notifications to electrical students
    of this year

  19. 14

    i am going to join in cse,engg.i am IAS aspirant too.please help me regarding optional subjects

  20. 13

    is the syllabus of IES & IAS exams similar concerning mechanical engineering.

  21. 12
    murali kumar:

    i want to join for ies coaching in mechanical stream,so which will be the better institute for giving coaching ,i am from andhra pradesh.so,please let me know details as soon as possible

  22. 11

    dear sir.i m in big confusion.i m doing btech in mechanical engineering and i am an ias aspirant also………sir is there any similarity between the syllabus of mechanical engineering of ias and ies…so that it can also help in ies exam……..

  23. 10

    i m persuing bachelor of applied electronics and software technology from nagpur,my course doesnt affiliated from AICTE,it is affiliated from RTMNU(nagpur university).After my graduation am i eligible to go through IES examination.
    please reply…..

  24. 9
    jai kishan anand:

    i m doing btech from mech departement in 4th year,i want to knw which one is more better IS,IAS,IES,UPSC

  25. 8
    Ajay kadyan:

    Can a student passout degree from AMIE fill form of IES?

  26. 7

    i am preparing for i.e.s exam in mechanical enginrng is mains syllabus for i.a.s and i.e.s is same for mechanical engineering. If i prepared for i.e.s is that posible to give i.a.s exam taking mechanical engineering as optional subject?

  27. 6

    what are the previledges an ias and ies officer enjoys ,In which one get vehicle with red light.

  28. 5

    i am a computer science engineering holder, can i apply to ies ,ias and upsc exam,

  29. 4

    I want to know more about IES..When tostart preparing for it?
    What is the syllabus?
    What is the actual work of an IES?
    everything about IES…pls reply as early as possible..

  30. 3

    I want to know more about IES..When tostart preparing for it?
    What is the syllabus?
    What is the actual work of an IES?
    everything about IES…pls reply as early as possible..

  31. 2
    Navjot Singh:

    hey i am prepareing for civil servies…i am confuse b/w IES and IAS.
    In which one get vehicle with red light…..and what are the previledges they both enjoy…

  32. 1

    After 2nd year arts which course i will do?