Difference between Microbiologist and Pathologist


Although Microbiology and Pathology deals with the same theme, the micro organisms, the two fields differ in many aspects. Microbiology is a field in the medicine that includes the study of various micro organisms like bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc. Pathology is also related with the medicine field which includes the study of disease and its diagnosis.


The person who works in the field of microbiology is known as the Microbiologist. They analyses various micro organisms like viruses, protists, bacteria, etc. A microbiologist’s main aim is to research about the microorganisms and how they affect the world around. To become a microbiologist a candidate need to pursue a bachelor’s degree in biology or microbiology. There are many specializations in this branch of study. Various career opportunities are also there for these graduates. They can find employment in various fields like agriculture and public health, medical field and veterinary fields. There are higher study options also like master’s degree and PhD in microbiology. These graduates can work on research projects independently. The teaching profession in this field requires a PhD in microbiology.


As said earlier, Pathology is the branch of study that deals with the analyses of disease and its diagnosis. Pathology is further classified on the basis of the system studied. A professional working in this field is often called as a Pathologist. They are experts in analyzing the microscopic view of the body tissues. They identify various diseases or the cause of death by researching on the cells and tissues. To become a pathologist one must be a graduate in medicine field and should have relevant experience in the same field depending on the specialization they choose. Exposure to medical field can be gained by working in hospitals or clinic or laboratories. A strong hand in communication is a must in this field. These professionals can find jobs in hospitals, laboratories, colleges, universities, etc. The government agencies also recruit these professionals in agriculture field, law enforcement and so on. The firms which manufacture drugs and insecticides also need pathologists.

Key differentiators between Microbiologist and Pathologist

  • Microbiologist analyses various microorganisms and their effects in the world around. Whereas a Pathologist analyses the cause of disease or death by researching on the micro cells and tissues.
  • Microbiologist research on the micro organisms related to various fields like environment, food, industrial, etc. Pathologist research on the disease causing micro organisms related to plant, animal and human life.

Even though a microbiologist and pathologist work in the same field they are distinct in many ways.



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    Can microbiologist open the pathology laboratory?
    M.Sc.(microbiology) or DMLT which one is required to open the laboratory?

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    sachin b. humane:

    hi i have completed my master degree msc in microbiology with MLT and also DMLT completed can i take admission to MBBS (medical) after msc( like after MLT permission to take admission in bsc (bahular degree)