Difference between Podiatrist and Chiropractor


A Podiatrist is a doctor who specializes in medical care of our foot, ankle, and lower leg. They are also known as ankle surgeons or podiatric surgeons. Chiropractors are also doctors who specialize in Medicare of musculoskeletal systems.  Both these fields are poles apart from each other. The major differences between Podiatrist and Chiropractor is explained in detail in this article.

Courses and Career Opportunities of Podiatrist

Podiatry offers a lot of course and career opportunities. A  Podiatrist must possess a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine or D.P.M. degree from a repute college of podiatric medicine. They have to get through both written as well as oral board examinations. Only after passing these exams, they can procure for state license to practice podiatric medicine for the public. Podiatrists can work in different fields. Some are mentioned below:

  • In Private practices
  • Hospitals, and clinics
  • As Professors at colleges of podiatric medicine
  • As Department chiefs
  • As Hospital administrators etc

Courses and Career Opportunities of Chiropractor

To become a Chiropractor the aspirant need to have a Bachelor degree in Chiropractic Studies. After completion of course they have to practice the profession for about two years to become solid in their work After successful completion of  degree in  Chiropractic Science students are eligible to enter the Master of Chiropractic. The Master degree is required to establish himself as a Chiropractor. Job opportunities for Chiropractor are growing fast nowadays which is regarded as the third largest healing profession. It can create a lot of career opportunity as it has strong background on science and anatomy. They can find job opportunities in hospitals or they can work as teachers also.

Key differentiators between Podiatrist and Chiropractor

A Podiatrist specializes in medical care of our foot, ankle, and lower leg whereas Chiropractors specialize in Medicare of musculoskeletal systems. Career opportunities of Podiatrist are in the area of foot care whereas Chiropractors diagnose problems of lower limb.

A Podiatrist is a licensed physician as he possesses a medical degree where as a Chiropractor does not have a medical degree.

Both are related professions with small dissimilarities. But they differ in areas of career, scope, techniques used, application etc



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