Difference between recruitment and selection


Recruitment can be defined as the process involving searching of the apt candidates for opportunity of employment and also at the same time stimulating them to apply for the jobs within that organization. The most important aspect of the recruitment process is actually creating a pool of eligible candidates, that are appropriate enough to undertake the job, and from there choosing the right kind of candidates that exactly suits all the various requirements.  Recruitment in a way can said to be as an economical approach in finding the right kind of candidate to fill the lacking space within the organization.

Recruitment in way can be defined as a positive step that is generating a large number of eligible candidates to choose from. The process generally concerns tapping of various human resources. Furthermore, there is no formation of contract within the recruitment process and the eligible candidates first hand notified about this fact. The amount of time consumed within the process is extremely small.

Selection on the other hand can be defined as the step wise process that involves screening of candidates from an option of many to the exact individual that would be filling up the empty space. In a way, selection can be termed as a negative process, involving removal of candidates and choosing the exact one through steps such as entrance exam or a series of personal interview.

Selection transparently involves formation of contract in between the organization and the selected eligible candidate. It can be in some cases, a very complicated process involving some or even gambling decision. The process follows the recruitment. Furthermore, selection is an expensive process that involves more time as well as money.  Selection also features crossing over of lots of hurdles by both the candidates as well as the organization itself. Therefore, maximum attempt is made to re-generate the cost through hiring.



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