Difference between a Gastrologist and a Gastroenterologist


Although Gastrologists and Gastroenterologists sound similar, their area of study and job profile varies to a greater extent. Gastrologists are physicians who are specialized in treating the ailments of human stomach. On the other hand, Gastroenterologists are medical doctors who are specialized in treating the disorders that affect the digestive system including the mouth, esophagus, abdomen, guts and interrelated organs like the liver, pancreas and bile ducts.

Gastrology courses and career opportunities

Many Universities and medical institutes all over the world offer the gastrology courses. Aspirants can study the gastrology programs at postgraduate level. They have to study the Gastrology courses from a recognized University so as to become a certified Gastrologist and also to make a good career. On completion of the Gastrology courses, candidates can become Gastrologists and can seek out for employments in public or private sector. These professionals can expect employment as physicians in hospitals, or as lecturers in Universities. They can also pursue the research programs in the related fields so as to carry out further research and development in Gastrology.

Gastroenterology courses and career opportunities

Gastroenterology is a broad field of study, which has ample scope in our country and abroad. In order to become a Gastroenterologist, individuals have to pursue the DO or MD program in Gastroenterology. Thereafter they should study the two-year fellowship program in the relevant fields. Most of the Gastroenterologists work with hospitals or clinics as general practitioners. Those who are interested in teaching can carry out their work in medical colleges or institutes as faculties. In a business sense, these professionals can also start new sanatoriums, clinics, medical institutes or laboratories. Entering into this career, Gastroenterologists can expect remunerations of around Rs. 6 lakh per annum. Their pay scale may vary with their work environment and designations. However, with years of practice, they can look forward for hikes in their salaries.

Key differentiators between a Gastrologist and a Gastroenterologist

  • Gastrologists mostly focus on rectifying the diseases that adversely affect the gastric system, stomach and concerned areas whereas Gastroenterologists concentrate on treating the disorders of the stomach and related parts.
  • Those who are specialized in gastrology programs alone can become Gastrologists whereas aspirants have to study the postgraduate programs in gastroenterology to become Gastroenterologists.

Both Gastrology and Gastroenterology are subspecialties of internal medicine. Professionals who are specialized in the respective fields work co-operatively for curing the diseases of patients who are suffering from various types of stomach problems.



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