Difference between Computer Engineering and Computer Science


Even though Computer Engineering and Computer Science are concerned with computers, both are entirely different streams of study and practice. Computer engineering is a subdivision of engineering that incorporates electrical engineering and computer science so as to develop computer systems. However, Computer science deals with the study of the hypothetical fundamentals of information and computation and of realistic practices for their execution and application in computer systems.

Computer Engineering courses and career opportunities

Various Universities and institutes all through the world offer many courses in Computer Engineering. Aspirants can study the Bachelor’ or Masters’ programs in the relevant fields. They can also pursue the MS program in Computer Engineering. Aspirants should study the program from a recognized University so as to get good jobs. Diploma holders can expect entry-level jobs in the related fields. After completing their programs, Computer Engineers can seek out for employments in Government agencies or private undertakings. Many IT companies are coming up day by day, which are in need of these professionals. Those who have studied the MS program can expect good job offers from multinational companies or otherwise. Computer Engineers are one among the highly rewarded professionals. They have much scope in India and abroad.

Computer Science courses and career opportunities

Computer Science is a vast field of study, which has its applications in diverse streams. In addition to the graduation and post graduation programs in Computer Science, aspirants can pursue the PhD programs in the related areas. Those who are interested in research and development have to pursue the research programs in Computer Science. After completing the different courses in the related fields, aspirants can seek out for career in mechanized industries, multi-national companies, IT industries and so on. Postgraduates in Computer Science can work as lecturers in Universities or institutes.

Key differentiators between Computer Engineering and Computer Science

  • The key differentiator between Computer Engineering and Computer Science is that the former deals with the software aspects of computers whereas the latter tackles with the designs and assembling of computer hardware.
  • The former deals with the computer studies in engineering whereas the latter is all about computer studies in Arts and Science or other relevant filed.

Computer Engineering is concerned with creating new software packages, which may be useful for the present day world whereas Computer Science is all about studying and scrutinizing the algorithms and tribulations that are interrelated to making the computer do a particular task.



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    computerscience&software engineering and computer science&networking,what is the difference between these two?

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