Rubber Technologist – How to become a Rubber Technologist?


The rubber technology is an engineering field which involves the processing of natural rubber or latex or synthetic rubber and to convert them into useful products. Rubber is a commercially significant material used for different purposes. It is a natural polymer which is manufactured using several techniques to make it useful for diverse industries. The commonly manufactured product of rubber is tyres which will range from high tech aircraft tyre to bicycle tyre.

The rubber technology study includes various topics such as types of rubbers, their characteristics and descriptions of formulation of rubber composites. The experts who specialize in this field are called rubber technologists. They analyze and use the various engineering technologies to make the natural rubber into usable forms. The rubber technologists can get into a lucrative career in this field, since the demand for them is increasing with the gradual increase in industries that manufactures rubber products.

Qualifying Exam

Candidates require at least a bachelor’s degree or diploma to enter in this field. the rubber technology course is offered in many universities and institutions in the country at Diploma, bachelor’s and master’s level. Most of the employers will recruit candidates with bachelor’s degree or higher in rubber technology for the post of Rubber technologists. Student scan also pursue their degree in other related disciplines to get in this area of specialization. An experienced professional can find employment in high positions and can receive high pay packages compared to the entry level professional.

Who is eligible to apply?

Students can apply for the bachelor’s degree programme or diploma in rubber technology after pursuing their higher secondary education or equivalent with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. On completing this graduate degree programme, they can apply for the job as rubber technologist in any related industry. To seek high position jobs in this area, they must complete a master’s degree in rubber technology.

Key points in the process

  • Study 12th or equivalent with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics from a reputed school and pursue good marks in concerned examination.
  • Pursue a bachelor’s degree in rubber technology or related field from a recognized university.
  • Search out for the rubber technologist job and apply for the position.

Skills required for a Rubber Technologist

The rubber technologists require some outstanding qualities and skills to perform in their profession. The field is most suitable for those individuals who have the keen interest to involve in the technology and methods to produce new products from the natural polymer, rubber. They must have a good knowledge in the principles and techniques that are used to manufacture new rubber products. The other qualities needed for them are strong leadership, problem solving ability and communication skills. Proficiency in computer knowledge is also essential for them.



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    What online Rubber Technology course equivalent to M.Tech is available? If so which university and please provide the contact details.

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