Difference between an agronomist and botanist


The role of agronomist and botanist are inevitable in the primary sector of our country. An eco friendly approach is followed by agronomist in dealing problems related to plant and soil. Botanists are scientists who are engaged in matters relating to plants and their scientific study.

Agronomist and opportunities

An agronomist mainly deals with plant science and matters related to soil. Exemplary knowledge in agricultural and allied sciences is essential to become a successful agronomist. They work in harmony with the environment and always aim at maximizing the production and yield of crops by choosing the best crops and harvesting technology. The areas of functioning include:

  • Weed science
  • Develop new crop hybrids
  • Soil management
  • Irrigation
  • Fertilization
  • Crop physiology
  • Crop management etc.

There are lots of job opportunities available for agronomists. The career as an agronomist really needs to be enthusiastic and enjoy working with people. They need to possess good communication skills to interact with people and should enjoy their work. They can take up the job in research field. Agronomists can also enter teaching field in the areas relating to agronomy and soil management. There can also choose their career in weather forecasting or as environmentalists. Agricultural banks also employs agronomist now a days.

Botanist and opportunities

Job as a botanist is really interesting. Botanists engage in scientific study of plants, their structure, growth etc. The candidates planning to seek a career as a botanist can start preparing right from the twelfth class. They can take botany as the optional subject right from the twelfth class itself. They can choose botany for their graduation also which gives an opportunity to do their masters degree in botany. There are numerous opportunities available for botanist. They can take up the job as Researcher or can opt for teaching positions. They can also take up the job in different agricultural institutes and botanical gardens. They are also paid relatively high as compared to other posts.

Key differences between an agronomist and botanist

An agronomist mainly deals with plant science and matter related to soil whereas botanist is a scientist engaged in scientific study of plants. Both these courses are widely accepted and are gaining importance now a days.



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