Sound Engineering Technician - How to become a Sound Engineering Technician?


Sound Engineering Technician work with different electrical and electronic equipments used in sound recording, sound mixing and in reproduction of voices, music or other sound effects. They can find employment in theaters, in recording and in video studios. They are also involved in broadcasting activities of radio and television stations, in live events, and in sports stadiums.  The 85% employment opportunities for sound engineers exist in the broadcasting sector.

In a broadcasting station, sound technicians have to ensure the quality, the volume, color, brightness and contrast of the broadcast program material to be transmitted. These professionals are now operating on advanced digital technology to achieve perfection in sound recording and broadcasting. Due to the increased influence of radio and television among masses, the sound technicians can find ample job opportunities in this sector.

Qualifying Exam

To obtain job as Sound Engineering Technician, the aspirant’s have to undergo academic courses in electronics, computer networking, or in broadcast technology. They have to undergo Engineering programs or other bachelor degree courses in the mentioned subjects. Different Universities and Colleges in India offer courses on Sound recording, television production and in Motion pictures. On-the-job training or relevant experience is desirable to obtain a lucrative career in Sound Engineering.

Who is eligible to apply?

The students who have passed HSC examination with Science as the main stream of study are eligible to apply for bachelor degree courses in Sound Engineering. Sound Knowledge in areas of math, physics, and electronics are much desirable to students who wish to undergo Sound Engineering programs. Bachelor degree is enough to obtain an entry-level job in Sound Engineering. By gaining experience and sufficient skill sets, these professionals can apply senior level job positions.

Key points in the process

  • Pass 10+2 examination from a recognized board with Science as the main stream of study
  • Undergo 3 year or 4 year bachelor degree courses in electronics, computer networking, or in broadcast technology.
  • Find out a comfortable job profile in areas of application of Sound Engineering Technology.

Skills required for a Solar Energy Systems Engineer

Apart from educational qualifications, professionals must possess relevant experience and computer proficiency to prove efficient in their profession. Networking knowledge is desirable to operate in broadcasting stations and in equipments operating in digital technology. Moreover, passion of work is required by aspirants so as to become successful in their career.



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    I am +2 student and want to become sound engineer what i have to do for it

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    akram turak:

    audio engineering 3 year degree fees sturcture & colleges in pune addresses.

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    I am +2 student pass in humanity. Can i go for sound engineering. or science student can only do sound engineering. please adv. thanks