Difference between Airman and Air Traffic Controller


Airman is a male or female professional who works with the Indian Air Force or in the Royal Air Force, as an aviator, aircrew man, Pilot or civilian. On the other hand, Air Traffic Controllers are experts who accelerate, control and maintain a secure and organized flow of air traffic in the international air traffic control mechanism. The major differences between an Airman and an Air Traffic Controller are elucidated in detail in this article.


Although Airman seems to be the job title of a particular work, many designations come under the umbrella term. Aspirants can expect employments in the Indian Air Force as an Airman either in the technical or non-technical ranks. Working in the technical side, Airman carries out the maintenance and testing related works of aircrafts like airplanes, helicopters and so on. These professionals are also involved in repairing and renovating ground equipments and armaments. The job description of a non-technical Airman involves a wide range of functions from weather forecasting to perpetuation of accounts, records and annals of the different subdivisions of IAF.

Air Traffic Controller

Air Traffic controllers are professionals from a sound technical background, who have highly specialized skills. In order to become an Air Traffic Controller, aspirants have to study the engineering graduation in Telecommunication or Electronics. Those who have a B.E. / B Tech degree in Electrical or Radio Engineering can also become Air Traffic Controllers by clearing ATC examination conducted by the Indian Air Force. Only those who are aged between 21-27 years can join the IAF in the respective posts. After clearing the ATC test, aspirants may have to successfully complete a rigorous training to become an Air Traffic Controller. It is the prime responsibility of these professionals to move all the airliners safely and resourcefully through their allocated zone of airspace.

Key Differentiators between Airman and Air Traffic Controller

An Airman’s duties include maintaining the airliners, refurbishing the floor equipments in the air port and concerned works whereas an Air Traffic Controller controls the traffic of the skies to avoid air clashes.

Only highly talented engineering graduates in certain specific trades can become Air Traffic Controllers whereas the eligibility criterion to become an Airman starts from matriculation to higher levels according to the technical or non-technical trades of Airman.

Although Airmen and Air Traffic Controllers are individuals working with the Air Force authority, their educational background and area of employment varies to a larger extent.



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