How To Fight Exam Stress


Every student enjoys his life until the exam time comes. Exam time is a nightmare for any student and gives goose bumps to any student. The tension, pressure and stress is for everyone during that time if you are not prepared beforehand which is the case with most of the students. Being stressed out during exams is perfectly normal as it shows that how worried you are about the future. Here are some tips that will help you getting over the exam stress

• Breaks while studying:-

While studying never sit for a long duration always study for 90-120 minutes and then take a break for 15-20 minutes rather than sitting for 4-5 hours and then taking a break for 1 hour. Taking a long break is not at all called for because this breaks the flow of the study.

• Extracurricular activities:-

During the course of studying spend some time into any extracurricular activity like sports or any other activity this would help you refresh your mind and you can concentrate well when your mind is fresh. Spending some time into some activity would help you lose out the stress and giving you a good chance of getting you into a new mood.

• Music:-

People think that music is only for enjoying but it’s not the case, listening to music is the biggest stress buster for anyone. Other than relieving stress music gives you a rhythm while studying that help you concentrate better and to keep your mind focussed towards the studies.



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    perhaps a prayer with the mind concentrated to only the Almighty Allah works during high exam pressure…..