Difference between MS and M.Sc. Course


Both MS and M.Sc are Master of Science. However, both are entirely different. Aspirants who wish to do the M.Sc course should have done B.Sc. in any of the Science subjects. But, those who have completed the bachelors’ in Engineering or masters’ program in Science and Humanities can do the MS program. There are many Universities in India and abroad which offer these programs.

MS Courses and Career Opportunities

Aspirants should choose among the best institutes for doing the MS program in India or overseas. Those who have completed the program from a well-reputed institute with good percentage can seek for careers in Government offices like ISRO, FACT and so on. There are multi-national companies who are in need of these professionals. On entering into jobs, they are given designations like Scientist, Engineer, Science Consultant, and Medical Scientist depending up on their area of expertise. Professionals, on completion of the course can work in the topmost positions of companies and also expect good emoluments.

M.Sc. Courses and Career Opportunities

There are numerous specializations that a candidate can take in order to do the M.Sc. program. They can take various branches of Science and Maths subjects as specializations. On completion of the post graduation course, an aspirant can seek for career in public as well as private undertakings. It is according to their specialization in PG that they can seek for employment. M.Sc. graduates are most wanted in scientific research field, education departments and medical institutes. These professionals are paid salaries of around Rs.15000/- when they start their job.

Key differentiators MS and M.Sc Course

MS is a professional course much better than the M.Sc. course. It is perceived to be a better program when compared to the M.Sc. program.h Those who have completed M.Sc. can also do the MS program. The remunerations paid for both these professionals are different. Eligibility requirements are different for both these course.



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